Sunday, 27 December 2009

Festivities over for another year!

I Hope everyone got whatthey asked the big man for, and ate much and drank plenty!

But most of all had a profitable Boxing day!

So tell me your Christmas Stories people, every family has something dunny happen to some extent!!


Bet Angel

Saturday, 26 December 2009


I've set-up a quick mailing list for those of you interested in the subscription service.
All Information will go out to those on the list before it hits the blog.

Join The Newsletter


The Activation e-mail may end up in your junk box.
Do Check..


Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Hope you all have a good day,
Get everything you want
And all get very drunk!


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Current Affairs and the Future of Myself!

A small update.

I've ordered my graphics card but it won't arrive until after christmas, so this may well be my last post until I've got it installed.

Though thanks to having all this spare time, It's give me time to think about new angles, and something I've been researching over the last few days seems to do very well.

It's to a tee laying favourites with odds lower than 2.5, So far I've backdated it 2 weeks, It produced 29 losers from 29 horses.

Obviously no system has 100% Hitrate, but based on all the odds being 2.5 then the System only needs a 62% to be profitable. [Edit: Typo, was meant to be 62% not 52%]

Though seeing as most of the horses that have been selected have been lower than 2 it makes for plenty of profit.

I won't tell you how I come to these selections just that each horse has to go through 2 aggressive sets of rules before going down a a selection.


Things coming in 2010.

I will be getting my subscription service up.
Hopefully pushing the big boys to one side with some very nice profits, eclipsing their 200 points a year.

A 2nd Blog, A Football Blog.
I will cover the Premier League, looking at the Over/Under and Match Odds markets.
While giving my predictions on the Correct Score.
Eventually may add Bookings and Corner bets and other leagues.

Any Questions on anything or everything just ask.

Either comment here or drop me an email: [e-mail]

This address will change in the new year as i move my subscription service and blogs under a more general domain name.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Off The Grid.

Sorry haven't been around or will be around for a few days hopefully, my graphics card has died, just what i needed when i've got a flash animation to finish for college!

I won't be doing my selections as I'm back on my brothers old laptop.
Hopefully i can get some money together and replace my graphics card, even if its just a crap one to see me through!

Other than that i hope everybody has a profitable christmas!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

13th Selections

Only a few Selections, but only for System X and F.

Will post results up later.

I decided on closer inspection that the selection process to win wasn't as close as i thought, though if i turned it round and laid the favourite if it wasn't the highest rated then that performed exceedling well, with the highest SP being just over 5, so i'll test that so more and post the results on here from next week.

So far i'v only looked at races with 10 or less runners, anymore and it takes awhile to assess the field.


Saturday, 12 December 2009


Sorry people, no selections today.
I'll add yesterdays write-up soon.

Gonna turn my hand to trading today, and give The Geeks Toy a proper seeing to!


Friday, 11 December 2009

11th Selections

Quite a few selections today, though I was sitting here cursing stakes and maidens because half the field comes up! Though after looking back through my results and back data, most the profit comes from these races.

22 in total, 8 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
Gowran Park
15:30 Bold Banks, Knight Realm & Emily Pankhurst

13:05 Esuia, Boy The Bell, Major Maximus & Flaxen Lake

17:50 Bubbly Bellini

I'll try get a midday post in to update progress around 2/3pm


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another Magical Day

With the exception of the multiple it was a really good day..

Another 20+ day.

Rule Set 1: 0 points
Rule Set 2: 4 points up
Rule Set 3: 0.6 points up
System F: 9.8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
System X: 8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Todays BF P/L: Screenshot

I'll try get screenshots up for most systems along with P/L at the end of each day.
Today there is no System 1-3 screenshots because my bots kept shutting down.

45.1 points so far for the week.
Mon: 27.1 points
Tues: -2.9 points
Wed: -1.5 points
Thu: 22.4 points

Still on track for what i set out to achieve, a 10 point a day average.
Keep the losses to a minimum and profit to a maximum and we'll all good!


10th Kempton

Cutting it fine for the first race i know!
I'll update them as i go.

Rule Set 1
16:00 Light The Way & Weimerland

Also been testing a new multiple system i'm working on.
Here is the first bet.
A 5 horse Canadian.
16:00 Wanchai Whisper
16:30 Marmooq
17:00 Sy Ignatius
18:00 Ray Of Joy
18:30 Cheery Cat


10th Selections

22 In Total.
Though only 2 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1:
12:50 Rader OfThe East
13:20 Russian Song

Lay between 3.0 and 7.0 within the last 10 mins pre-race.

I'll have Kempton up later.


Yesterdays Results

Well after not catching any of the meets except for Kempton i was a bit rattled with my server.

Rule Set 1: 2.5 points down
Rule Set 2: 0 points
Rule Set 3: 2 points up
System F: 3 points down
System X: 2 points up

I'll have todays selectios up ASAP with a lil extra.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Damn Updates!

Due to a server update i didnt get any betson the market today, the server rebooted automatcially after an update at 3am this morning.

So just a few Kempton races for me tonight and maybe some football.

Rule Set 1:
18:50 Ipswich Lad, Red Courtier & Cast Of Stars
19:50 Fivefold
20:20 Zegna, Major Lawrence & Mjjaadd

Again Lay between 3.0 ad 7.0 within the last 10 mins pre-race.

If anybody was followig the earlier selection could you let me know how they did thanks


9th Selections

There so many selections that i can nearly count them on my fingers! (Though i haven't looked at Kempton yet)
11 in total.
9 come under Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
12:20 City Of Doral, Qbuster, Doc Wells & Scottish Munros

13:00 Zubova & Inside Track
15:00 Look Office, Pyrus Time & Mayta Capac

All selections laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between ods 3.0 and 7.0.

Kempton Selections up later if there is any.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We've had the highs...

And hopefully this is our only low for the week with -2.9 points.

Though i didn't run System F because i need to be watching the races for it, unfortunately i had more pressing work to get done.

Rule Set 1: 3.5 points up
Rule Set 2: 2 points up
Rule Set 3: 4 points up
System F: 0 points
System X: 12.4 points down

Tomorrows Selections up later.


With the horses finished i'll move onto my selected football matches.
Chelsea vs APOEL
Leeds vs Kettering

Try and recoup them lost points.


8th Selections

With quite a few selections less than yesterday, I'm not sure we'll quite see the heights of yesterday..

There is only 20 overall selections for today.
13 for Rule set 1

Rule Set 1
12:40 Anak & Stormy Morning
13:10 Petito
13:40 Reste Beau
15:10 Montanta Gold & Quartz Du Monceau

12:50 Rebeccas Choice
13:50 Tank Top & Grasscutter
14:20 Hectors House & Blushing Soul
15:20 Waldo Winchester

12:00 Orchid Wing & Caramelita

All laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 and 7.0

Monday, 7 December 2009

A Magical Day!

27.1 points profit!!

After last weeks 65.8 points profit.

I was not expecting this!


Todays Results
Rule Set 1: 2.4 points up - screenshot
Rule Set 2: 5 points up - screenshot
Rule Set 3: 10 points up - screenshot
System F: 5 points up - screenshot
System X: 4.7 points up - screenshot

I'll post the screenshots from my bots up soon for proof.
Though recently took a load of money out my account, so most the bets are 20p stakes!


Midday Update.

Left it on auto and went out this morning, came back to a nice 9 points profit and its only half 2!

Rule Set 1: 1 point up
Rule Set 2: 0 points
Rule Set 3: 0 points
System F: 4 points up
System X: 4 points up

Update with full results later tonight.


7th Selections

Overall 25 Selections today.

8 for your people.

Rule Set 1
15:00 Ask The Oracle & December

12:50 Sierra Peak
13:50 Sunarri
14:50 Sea Venture & Viel Gluck

14:40 Arashi
15:10 Inside track

Lay with the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 and 7.0.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

End Of Week Results.

Thought I would start adding in a weekly update every Sunday night to see how each system had done.

Totalled up to a nice 65.8 points profit.

Rule Set 1: 1.5 points
Rule Set 2: 19.3 points
Rule Set 3: 19.5 points <-- Only 3 days
System F: 25.5 points <-- Only 6 days

Ontop of them a friend of mine has been running my System X selections for me and has come up with 38 points profit over the last 4 days.

I've now set them up so I can test them myself.


Like I said awhile ago, I eventually want to start my own servive, but thats gonna be put on hold until after christmas now.

I haven't done any web design for awhile, and I refuse to pay for a site when I know I can make them.


I've also been looking into football alot more these days, I've been a football fan for as long as I can remember, and would like to think i have quite an extensive knowledge.

So over the next month or two you may see another blog pop up with football selections on.

Selections for tomorrow be up later tonight.


How we did today.

Well it was an ok day i guess..

Rule Set 1: Down 6.5 points
Rule Set 2: Up 3 points
Rule Set 3: Up 8 points
System F: Up 3.5 points

Rule Set 3 has done extremely well, only having one losing bet other the 3 days i've been testing it. in the process doubling the starting bank using 5% stakes.

Though some of the odds are quite highish (9.0 on the exchange), so it could come crashing down, but based on back data even with these hits it doesn't make too much difference.

So i'll keep testing it and see how it goes, just have to wait for the big odds winner!


6th December

Only 8 Selections over 3 races.

Another 12 Selections for Rule Set 2.

Rule Set 1
14:00 Baby dottie, Pan American & Hill Of Miller

13:35 Wait for Green & Colbert Station
15:35 Lonesome Dave, Lean Times & Our Girl Salley

Lay within the last 10 mins pre-race, between 3.0 and 7.0.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Great Day

The End is upon us now.

After alot of races yet very few selections we ended up like so.
Rule Set 1: Up 1 point
Rule Set 2: Up 3 points
Rule Set 3: Up 3.5 points
System F: Up 9.5 points

I'll have tomorrows selections up later on.


5th December

Really not alot going for today for Rule Set 1

Rule Set 1
15:40 Full Of Joy, M'Lord Bishop & Frontier Spirit

18:20 James Barrymore, High Constable, Fusaichi Flyer, Barreq & Saharia

Lay within the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0.


We're either gonna take a small loss or make a decent profit today!

Other than that there was 15 other selections for Rule Set 2.
Rule Set 3 is down 2 points.
System F is up 8 points.


Yesterdays Results.

Running abit late this morning!

Results from yesterday.
Rule Set 1: Up 1 point
Rule Set 2: Up 4 points
Rule Set 3: Up 8 points <--- first day of testing.
System F: Down 3 points
System X: No Selections, still not quite getting the same ratings automated as when i manually do them.

I'll have todays selectinos up ASAP, might keep updating them as i go as there is a lot of races today.


Friday, 4 December 2009

4th December

A fair few overall, but only 6 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
13:50 Slip Sliding Away

12:50 Spunk
15:40 Arctic Cape

19:20 Lady Of Akita, Silken Aunt & Kai Mook

Lay within last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0

Along side other things I've been looking through all my data I have on System 3, and I've added a 3rd Rule Set to it which I'll be testing over the next few weeks.


Thursday, 3 December 2009

3rd Wolverhampton

Just a couple more for Wolves.

Rule Set 1
17:15 Brinscall, Wellmarked & Court Drinking
18:15 Capeability

Again within the 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0.

Had a good day leading upto this point!
Rule Set 1: Up 5 points
Rule Set 2:Up 3 points

I missed the early races, couldn't quite get my bot on in time to catch the 12.55 @ Market Rasen where all 3 selections lost, which would have give us another 3 points profit.

Overall Results
Rule Set 1: Up 7 points
Rule Set 2 Up 4 points
System F: Up 3 points


3rd Selections

Sorry its a bit late, thought i'd published it last night, but hit the wrong button!

Rule Set 1
15:05 Prof De L'isle & Cloud Nine

Market Rasan
12:55 Al Qeddaaf, Gwyre & Space Telescope
14:55 Tide Slider
15:25 Wingull & Heezagrey

13:15 Woodlark Island, Rougham & History Lesson

Lay within 10 mins pre-race, between 3.0 - 7.0


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Original System

The One i started this blog with, produced a handsome amount of profit over the first week before i stopped doing it because it was too time consuming.

Since then I've been working with a friend to automate the selection process, i think we're nearly there.

Once we've got it fully automated to my selection process I'll start posting them selections back on here.


Mixed Feelings

Well i left my bots running and dashed out with the missus.

Overall Results.
Rule Set 1: down 3.7 Points
Rule Set 2: Up 3 Points

Dogs: Up 3 Points

System F: Up 9 Points


A Quick Update

Before i head out with the missus!

Rule Set 1 is currently down 2 points
Rule Set 2 is currently up 2 points

The Dogs up 3 points

And System F (As I've named it for now) up 7 points, would have been up 13 if it wasn't for one coming back to win!


2nd Selections

With Plumpton Abandoned due to 10mm rain last night it left us with 3 meets to flirt with.

Rule Set 1
13:55 Mister Marker

19:20 Light Sleeper, Lord Fidelio & Lord Of The Dance
20:20 Rajamand

Lay between 10 mins pre-race, within 3.0 - 7.0 odds


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Decent Day

Quite a good day,

Rule Set 1 made us 2 points profit, with Rule Set 2 bringing in another 5 points profit.

The Dogsare sitting on a 2 point loss atm, down from an 8 point profit this morning, but plenty of races to go still.

And i finally managed to get an old system i'd created to work with my automated software, and that produced 3.5 points.

I've been looking into the pace of horses, and will eventually try add that into my selections after doing more research.

And can't forget that it's only 3 & half weeks til christmas, it's gone so quickly this year!


1st Selections

With only 3 meets today i wasn't expecting too many to meet the criteria.
Though there was 8 for us to play with.

Rule Set 1
12:40 Russellstown Boy & Grasscutter

13:30 Edward Whymper, If I Were A Boy & New Christmas

14:40 Cesium, She Is A Cracker & Galley Slave

Lay during the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0


Monday, 30 November 2009

30th Selections

Sorry its late, got held up this morning.

There is 1 Selection for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
15:20 Pipe Banner

Lay betwwen 3.0 - 7.0 within 10 mins pre-race.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Not Alot Of Action

I only managed to get 4 matched all day!

Though thankfully they all lost!
2 points a piece for each Rule Set.

Then 22 points on the dogs midday, that some how whittled down to 2 points, ahh well its all in the name of research atm..


29th Selections

Quick follow up to yesterdays results, sometime after my midday post my host that i was running my bots on decided to do some updates and reboot itself so i missed the last few races!

With only 4 meets for sunday there wasn't many selections, with only 21 in total..
6 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
13:25 Against The Wind

16:45 Kazbow, Alpha Vega & Starburst

12:45 The Falklander
14:20 Freeworld

Laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Midday Update

Seeing as the next race isn't for another 2 hours i thought i'd put in an update.

So far every horse matched has lost, giving us 5 points profit from Rule Set 1, and i've made a 3 point profit from Rule Set 2.

6 points profit on the dogs.

On the side made a few quid on Northwich scoring the next goal in the live game.
Even though Lincoln restored there lead straight away and now lead 2-1.


28th Selections

Considering there is quite a lot of action today, there is only a handful of selections overall!

Rule Set 1
15:30 Life Of Reilly

12:05 Goddess Of Light & Boogie Waltzer
15:20 Passkey, Mustakmil & Mile High Lad

12:10 Justtheoneforyou

12:20 Kahsabelle
13:25 Punjabi Army, Pasdelou, Squinch & Global Flyer
15:35 The Rustlin Rhino & Teenage Kicks

The usual, lay within the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0

I'll look at Wolverhampton later on and post any selections up before the off.


Friday, 27 November 2009

Back To Winning Ways

A nice day for the few selections on my blog, all those that i managed to match went and lost for us.

As for Rule Set 2, it was a bit mixed and ended with a 1.4 point loss.

Overall a healthy 2.6 point profit.

Though on a different subject i've been trying a new greyhound system since i've been researching them more and more these days alongside the horses, it's made steady profit the last few days, but today they romped home with a 13 point profit.

It was on 23 points profit earlier, then a couple went on to win!
I'll keep testing it and refining it as i go.


27th Selections

Just a few today.

Rule Set 1
13:20 Troopingthecolour, Shakalaka & Capeability
13:55 Cuthbert, Exceedthewildman & Firefold
15:35 Femme De Fer

15:25 Definite All Star, World Of Events, Allow Me & Steel Edge

All laid within last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0


Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Losing Day

It had to come Eventually!

Even though there was quite a few selections i had quite some time getting half of them matched!

Rule Set 1 ended on a 9 point loss for myself, not even the 2 points made by Rule Set 2 was enough to improve the mood.

Though its the end of the races for tonight so we'll forget about it and continue moving forward tomorrow.


Betfair down..


Great, start with a couple of losses and now betfair is down...


26th Selections


46 in total, 18 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
16:00 Irish Music, The Wee Chief & Ride The White Swan
18:00 Count Of Anjou, Kings n Dreams & Bramshaw
18:30 Too Putra, Plenty O'toole & Qaraqum

12:35 Singapore Reef, Coeur Brule, Tarawa Atoll & Googoobarabajagal

12:45 Panda Bay & Son Histoire
13:20 Golden Globe
15:35 Spot The Ball


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

System 3 so far...

Here is the Stats for System 3, both Rule Set 1 & 2 over the last 7 days.
Doesn't include NR's or horses that couldn't get matched.

89 Total Horses
78 Won
11 Lost
87.64% Hitrate
£351.50 Profit to £10 Stakes
35.2 Points
5 points daily average

Not bad even if i do say so myself.


End of the day..


Well today was a bit of a topsy turvey one, the Rule Set 1 Selections took a loss of 7 points, though it still leaves Rule Set 1 in nice profit overall.

Leaving most of Rule Set 2's Selections for the evening races with a few scattered during the day it pulled back the 7 point deficit with a profit of 10 points.

Leaving Me with a 3 point profit overall, also making it 7 profitable days in a row for System 3 overall.

I won't be posting the selections for Rule Set 2 up, but if anybody uses GHB then i'll send them the session file once i've added the selections to it, which will have both Rule Set 1 & 2 on it.




Come across the picture when browsing the net, thought it suited the name of the blog myself!

I'll post the results up in a bit, Rule Set 1 hasn't had to good a day, but Rule Set 2 has eclipsed the losses to put myself on an overall profit.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

25th Selections

Quite a lot today, nearly every race had one or more selections in for tomorrow.

There is 52 Selectinos in Total but only 16 come under Rule Set 1 for your guys.

Rule Set 1
14:15 Al Qanoon, Carrickmines & Thomondgate
14:50 Chesapeake
15:25 Guitar Rory
15:55 Amroth Bay, Pure Anticipation & Robbers Bridge

18:30 An Saighdiur, Wit And Wisdom, Blue Dahlia & Miss Velocity

18:20 Chosen Son, Westwood Dawn, Spinning Bailwick

13:50 Kilkenny All Star

Lay during the last 10 minutes pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0


The Next Few Days

The next 4 days all have 6/7 meets, so hopefully we can be looking at 5+ points for each day..
If we must take a loss, lets hope its minimal!

I haven't looked through them properly yet so i can't really tell you what oppotunities each day will throw up for us.


24th Write Up

Well as i've just got in i didn't get any bets down today,
But going on the Final Betfair SP, the selections made 4 points..

Though i'll exclude these from my results as i never managed to get them on myself.


24th Selections

Well looks like we will have some today, my girlfriend dumped me in her uni library while she's gone for a lecture.

Over System 3 there is 38 selections today.
15 of them come under Rule Set 1 for you guys.

Rule Set 1
12:40 Gabreselassie
14:10 General Kutuzov & Stoneys Treasure
14:40 Uncle Eli

12:50 First Bay
13:50 Prioryjo, Gingers Lad, Lifes a Mystery & Mardood
14:20 Seedless & Zoenicibel

13:30 Rock Of Eire, Budva, Mighty Mambo & Nazreef

Again 10 mins pre-race, odds between 3.0 - 7.0


Monday, 23 November 2009

Quick Write Up

Well i'm off out in 20 mins, but i thought i'd put a lil write-up in mid day.

So far we're 2 points to the good, Abbervillian won earlier, but thankfully his odds were never close enough to the set bracket.

The 1 race from Rule set 2 looks to head off with neither horse getting matched, one with odds too low, and the other too high.

And all going well with the last race of the day we should still be sitting in profit.

Also not including todays results, over both Rule Sets i make it 32 points profit over 5 days based on my results and spreadsheet.


23rd Selections

There is 13 horses today, all but 2 made Rule Set 1.

System 3 - Rule set 1
Ffos Las
14:25 Super Martina
15:30 Russellstown Boy
16:00 Stay In Tune & Tehente Son

12:20 Fidelis

12:30 Royal Collonges & Abbevillian
15:20 Montana Gold, Sweet as Pye, Flag Filler & Mansolias

All laid between 3.0 - 7.0 withing the last 10 mins pre-race.

I'm out tonight so there may not be any tuesday selections, all depends whether or not i can get my hands on a laptop.

Edit: It was Flag Flier, not Flag Filler, just a typo on my side.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

2 for the pot.

Another 2 points from them 5 selectinos today.

2 Losers from 2 Races, 3 horses didn't get matched.

I've got 1 more point from rule set 2, with 2 races left for this afternoon

Edit: Final race finished 5 Losers from 5 Races over both rule sets.


22nd Selections

Again there will be no System 1/2 Selections.

Theres actually 16 selections but only 4 from rule set one that i'll post up.

System 3 Rule Set 1
13:00 Brandy Butter & Rock Peak
13:35 Stockton Flyer
15:20 Mayeul

I've changed the odds on it though, lay between 3.0 - 7.0, within the 10 mins before the off.

Also if there is anybody who knows quite a bit about Databases and Microsoft Access 2007 could you drop me a line thanks.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

End of the day.

Well not quite, there is one race left with Summer Affair in, but sitting on 17.5 on the exchange at the moment i can't really see them odds dropping enough to meet the criteria.

For the few i stuck up today there was .2 point profit to be made.

Along with Rule Set 2 it made a 5.1 point profit.

For future reference, all my bets are placed within the last 10 minutes pre-race.


21st Selections

System 3 - Rule Set 1
13:45 Bescot Springs & South America

13:35 War Footing

17:00 Kazbow

13:25 Zubova, Sakile, Youcanalways dream & Slip Sliding Away

It's a Stakes race, upto you if you lay it.

19:45 Chookie Avon
20:45 Summer Affair

All to be laid between 2.8 - 7.0


My Goals..

I started this blog but never really stated my Goals or what i lpanned to achieve from this.

Alongside the fact that i want to make abit of money via using my knowledge and my knack for statistics i wanted to improve my writing.

But also another aim of mine was to set up my own subscription service, to start with this seemed dead easy, but as i have found out over the weeks it's not quite that easy.

Though i'm still quite sure i can come up with a system that makes more than the +200 points a year that some of the big services offer.

I don't want to be one of them people who just make a system, hype it up, using fake records and what not when at the end of the day your paying out £50+ for an ebook that actually doesn't do what it says on the tin.

Thats why i have started posting all my selections on here, at the end of the day nobody can turn round to me and say i'd made everything up.

Before people ask about my back data, i use a mixture of results, Betfair Timeform for the BSP and software by fracsoft which allows me to see the exchange odds from when they went up until the race was finished and how much money passed through each horse.

All my back data is done in excel so i can pull it about and check trends, though i'm thinking of putting all my info into a database aswel.

Right now this is dragging on a bit so i'm gonna call it a night, I'll post the selections up soonish.


Not quite all 3..

System 1 dropped -9.2 points.
System 2 made +3.7 points

But the best news is that System 3 has actually gone above and beyond where others have failed by making a profit online as well as off, producing +5 points for the few i stuck on my blog, and producing another +10 points for the ones i didn't post.

Over the next few days i am quite busy so i won't be posting system 1 & 2 up as there selection process is quite time consuming, though I will stick the selections up from System 3 under rule set 1.

Rule set 1 has produced more horses, though set 2 has the higher hit rate of just over 92%


Friday, 20 November 2009

System 3 Update

Over 8 days of back data it came up with 30 points profit without any filters added to it.
Taking a dive from the original points over a few days.

After analysing the data and seperating it, i've split it into two sets of filters, Set 1 produced 50 points over 8 days, and Set 2 producing another 19 points over the same 8 days.

Adding the 2 days of actual trading on top that brings the point total to just under 80 points from 10 days.

Along with the 4 points made so far today i make it around 82 points from 11 days.
Though i've only just split the data with different rules so i missed 6 losing horses today that didn't come under the Set 1 rules, though they would have come under the Set 2 rules making a further 6 points profit.

I'll be doing more back dating later.


20th Selections

System 1

15:15 Fairoak Lad & Any Currency
15:50 Mutual Friend

14:50 Green Belt Elite & Pavillon Bleu

14:25 Don'tpaytheferryman & Planetarium
15:00 Garleton & Skenfrith
15:35 Le Platino

20:50 Scamperdale

System 2

14:40 Psychomodo
15:15 Out The Black
15:50 Pascha Bere

14:15 Bertie May
14:50 Mister Wazisname
16:00 Foreign King

14:25 Planetarium
15:00 Panama At One
15:35 King Of Confusion

20:50 Lately
21:20 Lunar Limelight

19:00 Iron Major
19:30 Shirley Blake
20:30 Impressionist Art
21:00 Bobs Pride

Thats it for today, i'll report back later.


System 3 - The Test

After checking more back data i've decided to stick it up for 1 day for now!
Just to see if my theory about things being profitable until i stick them online is true..

All Lay selections, don't Lay below 2.8 or higher than 7.0

19:00 Iron Major & Fait Accompli

14:15 Gilsland
15:25 Aconitum

15:35 Doc Wells & Locked Inthepocket

There is more but they come with rules attached which i'm not going to go more into at this precise moment.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

System 3, An Update..

I've now done 5 days of back dating along with the last 2 days of actual trading.
The 5 days of back dating produced:

43.7 Points Profit
160 Horses
136 Lost
24 Won
85% Hitrate

Added to the last 2 days of trading:

59.7 Points Profit
202 Horses
173 Lost
29 Won

Yes it is Lay System.


An Addition

I've added in the stats for System 3 down the side even though i'm not posting them on here yet.
After taking the 5% commission off its actually 16 point profit from the last 2 days, not the 18 that was originally stated.



Both systems have been profitable for me over the last month, the minute i stick them online they go tits up!

Makes me wonder if i should stick System 3 up at all!

In the end System 1 made a deficit of -7.1 points, while system 2 made a deficit of -5.3 points.

Though on a plus side System 3 made a 2 point profit, bringing it upto 18 points over 2 days.
I was in the middle of back dating System 3 to try get a rough idea, but so far i've only done 2 days, the 2 days i have done made 27.7 point profit.

I'll do a few more days in a bit and update it later.

Edit: I'd forgot to move one of my selectors on excel so System 3 shows a 32.2 point profit from them 2 back days i've done so far.


19th Kempton

Had 40 mins spare until next selected race so had a look at Kempton.

System 1
19:00 Bennelong

System 2
16:00 Aviate
17:30 Imjin River
18:00 Fantasy Explorer & Shifting Star
19:00 El Libertador & Sapphire Prince

And just a lil update on profit from this mornings races.
System 1 - First Race at 2:30.
System 2 - 4 Points Profit.


19th Selections

Afternoo people, woke up late!

System 1
14:30 Festical Dreams
15:00 Deep Quest

14:40 Sea Cadet
15:10 Canni Thinkaar

System 2
13:00 Vico
14:30 Minnie Hill & Dalaram
15:00 Deep Quest & Plum Pudding

13:10 Wizard Of Odds
13:40 Mount Helicon & Murphy
14:40 Orfeo Conti
15:40 Mr Tallyman

I'll have a look at Kempton in a bit and post any up later.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Decent Day

Only a few at Kempton as i was busy all day.

But didn't do too sadly even with Khor Dubai winning in the 20:50 as i got him matched at 1.67.

Overall ended the night with 1 point profit for System 1, and 2.2 points profit for System 2.

Some other news - I've been working on a new system, we'll call it System 3 for now!
Though at the moment its taking longer than i would have hoped to back date it.

So i just jumped in head first as per usual and it made a comfortable 16 point profit.
10 races, 16 horses, 16 losers, All matched under 7.0 odds, with 4 of them matched under 4.0.

I can back date it its just gonna take awhile, so i'm going to do them myself while back dating it aswel, i might post the system on here along with the other 2 in a week or so if it's looking promising.


18th Evening

Some evening races for you as i'm back earlier than i thought.

System 1
21:20 King Of Defense

System 2
18:50 Cocktail Party
20:20 Aktia
20:50 Confuchias & Khor Dubai


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Not to badly..

After a poor day on the horses, i managed to wipe out most of that loss with a 13.5 point profit on the greyhounds. Though i only did the evening meets, if i'd done the earlier ones i might have ended up on a profit overall, then again it could have been a bigger loss, so we won't complain.


The End.

Of the day that is!

Horse Racing Bets.
It had to be today that it was a bad one, seeing as i'd decided to run both systems on here!
But like i said, its been ages since either system has had such a loss, though 5 points isn't really that much!

But 13 points on system 2 is shocking!
But i'm confident it was just one of the losing days that just happened to be today..

I'm not sure if there will be any selections tomorrow as i'm up and out really early.
If there is any i'll post them tonight i think.


A Bad Start.

I felt compelled to write a post half way through the races.
Like i said its been a bad start, such a bad start that we can't even make a profit on the day, just try limit our losses.

Looking through my previous results i believe its the first time both systems have made a loss on the day from the start in well over a month.

Hopefully the rest will lose and limit us somewhat.


17th Selections

Morning People.

System 1
14:10 Itea Du Fau
15:10 You Can Of Course & Well Mick

13:30 Dusk

12:20 Diamond Blade
15:20 Nacho Libre & Dancing Welcome
15:50 Swords

System 2
13:40 Iroquois Warrior & Pocket Aces
14:10 Itea Du Fau & Chocolat
15:10 Well Mick & Portrait Royale
15:40 Maraksh

13:30 Dusk
15:00 Great Tsar & Satindra
15:30 Stretch The Truth & Phoenix Ice

13:50 Clear Ice & Thewinnertakesitall
14:50 Business Class & Elusive Fame
15:20 Nacho Libre & Kelamon
15:50 Swords & They All Laughed

All to lay with a cutoff point of 10.0.

2 Systems

Hey People.

From tomorrow i'll be sticking up my selections from 2 of my systems. (Well if there is any selections!)
System 1 will be the selections i have already been posting.
And System 2 which is just another i have been using.

System 1 has made around 20 points over ther last 5-7 days.
System 2 makes roughly around the same mark.

Sometimes there will be the same horse in both, some days we might have more than one horse in one race per system.

I'll write up clearing which selectinos are from which system and the usual what meet/time.

I've set a starting bank of £1000 for each system and will be using £10 level stakes, minus 5% commission on profits.

I'll be clearing my points total down the side to make way for the resuls of these two systems starting tomorrow.


Monday, 16 November 2009

16th Wolverhampton

Only a few for today, and yes there is two horses for the first race and no its not a mistake.

15:30 Traphalgar & Order Order
16:00 Orpenindeed
16:30 Dubai Diva
17:00 Mighty Mover
17:30 Fine Ruler

For these few don't Lay any higher than 6.0 on the exchange.

Edit - I forgot to change my odds from 10 to 6 on my software so all but two got laid above the 6.0 mark. All 6 got laid by my software below the 10 mark and all Lost, giving us 6 Points if you stuck 10.0 and 2 Points if you had 6.0.

Anyways that makes for our third 100% clean sheet if you include the other night at Dundalk.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm Back.

Hello People,

According to my betfair i broke even using 1% liability stakes.
I won't rush my selections out again, it just confuses too much.

It's because i'm running a few different systems at the same time.


Saturday, 14 November 2009

14th Selections

I wasn't going to post any as i'm of out for the weekend, but my mate is late.
So i've knocked up todays for you.

Can even lay with the 10.0 cut-off on betfair, which means you might miss a few.
Or lay them all to a 1% libitity stakes.

In the Process of trying to get them out i've mixed them together, but they'll fine all the same.
It just means some races have more than one runner.

Blossom King
Russian Trigger
Hello Bud
Miko De Beauchene
Mystic Touch
Salybia Bay
Great Bounder
Spring Breeze
Grand Bay
Rainbow Peak
Black Eagle
Bound by Honour
Tranquil Sea
Northern Alliance
Bible Lord
King In Waiting
Fushe Jo
Holiday Cocktail
Global City
Warnes Way
Le Beau Bai
Made In Japan
Lie Forrit
Great Endeavour
Dawn Ride
Gaora Lane
Himalayan Trail
The Shy Man
Taurus Twins
Vinnies Friends
Bertie Southstreet
Fourtowns Flyer
Lord of the Reins
Spirit Of Coniston
Lost in Paris
Handsome Cross
Belle Noverre
Willing Foe

Now I'm not back until sunday night, i'll update this as and when i can.


Friday, 13 November 2009

13th Evening

I've done something different here.

The selection to Lay as followed.
Cutoff - 10.0 as usual.

19:30 Pimlico Sound
20:00 San Sicharia
20:30 Cruel Sea
21:00 Sinsational
21:25 Accompanist

On top of the selections i've also stuck all 5 into a multiple, with my calculations if there correct, it should limit losses and make more profit.

So i'll let you people know later tonight how it turned out.

Edit - Well the multiple lost as all 5 horses Lost for us, giving us a 3 point profit from the night.


13th Morning

Just a few few to wet the appetite this moring.

3 Star
13:35 Spiritual Art

2 Star
12:35 Miss Eze

3 Star
12:55 Mumbles Head
15:10 Hot Commodity

2 Star
14:00 Teenando
14:35 Cinamon

3 Star
14:25 Consigliere

2 Star
13:15 Hoopy
15:00 Sizing Australia

Possibly more, but for now its sleep time!


Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Dogs!

Firstly Clonmel Vanished on all of us, dissapeared off both betfair and the racingpost website!

Ttoday Started off well with the first 6 horses losing!

But it Wasn't to last, hit 2 winning horses in a row, but wasn't enough to change us from black to red, before Bel Cantor came in BIG at Southwell which plunged us into the red.
Left us with -4.34 points from the Lay bets.

Still to get off the floor with the back bets, dropping another point in the process.

With the Dogs i hit a high point of 8.5 points profit, then the last race of the night at Hove, Killeacle Lass won and dropped me down to a 1 point profit.
Not gonna complain though a profit is better than a loss no matter how big.

A few more horse bets put myself in profit.

Hopefully can erase the memory of todays horses and push on with a profit tomorrow.
And hope the dogs push on further.


12th Selections

Lay Bets - Cutoff 10.0 on the exchange

3 Star
13:30 Gamesters Lady
15:00 First Point

2 Star
14:00 Night Safe
15:30 With Speed

3 Star
13:55 Hotterthanjuly
14:25 Snowy Morning
14:55 Keys Pride

2 Star
15:25 Hairy Molly

3 Star
13:20 Lindoro
15:50 Bel Cantor

2 Star
12:20 Rockfield Lodge
14:20 Jack Luey
15:20 Bernabeu

And 3 horses to back based on high ratings. (Only Paper Trading)

14:25 Glenfinn Captain
14:55 Moskova

13:20 Autumn Blades

See if can make an improvement on yesterdays backing bids.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

11th Results.


Not a bad night on the lay side of things.

2 horses that i couldn't get matched, though they did go on to lose.
from the 8 that i did match they all lost giving us an 8 point profit.

As for my backing selections that i'm paper trading they started off with both horses losing.

An Amazing 100% hitrate for lays, and a shocking 0% hitrate for back bets.

But an overall profit of 6 points if you back/laid all 10 selections.


11th November Evening Selections

Picks for tonights Meets
To Lay - Cutoff price of 10.0

3 Star
18:20 Mediterranean Sea
20:50 Agnes Love

2 Star
19:50 Rondeau
20:20 Blockley
21:20 Yanza

3 Star
19:30 Romeo's On Fire
20:30 Secretriat's Soul
21:00 Mr Bones
21:25 Impressionist Art

2 Star
20:00 Abundant Spirit

I've also working out a new backing process, but i'm only paper trading it for now!!

19:30 - Green Manalishi
21:00 - Lutrell Lady


Just a lil something

Hey People,

A little something else i've been working on over the weeks is a greyhound system aswel,
I've been tweaking daily, but i think i may be getting close to the stage where i can release it.

If anybody is interested in the greyhounds aswel then could you let me know and i'll think about posting them on here aswel.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Where i am..

For the last few days i haven't been around, i've got assessments coming up at college and my head just hasn't been in it with my selections.

Though there is light at the end of the tunnel i've been working on a new selection process, well it's my original process, but been tweaking it since, and i think it might be close to being finished.

Atm i'm trying to work out how i can automate it, because so far its taking an hour+ depending on how races to enter all the information by hand to work out my calculations

I'll update you all soon.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th Selections

This is only a few of them, there is another 10 to add.
These take us upto 15:00, i'll get the rest sometime before 3

All to Lay - 10.0 Cut-off price, i leave mine at 10-0 to go in-play if i can't match them at the start.

12:30 - Scots Dragoon
13:05 - Mister Matt
14:10 - Calusa Caldera
14:45 - Zabeel Palace
15:20 - Mocha

12:50 - Grand Diamond
13:25 - Or De Grugy
13:55 - Telegonus
14:25 - Santa's Son
15:00 - Run to Space <--- Nap & C&D, but the selection process picked him so in he goes.
15:35 - Waterski
16:05 - Hawksbury Heights

13:15 - Patton
14:15 - Blue Bajan
14:50 - Kangaroo Court
15:25 - Carruthers

Down Royal
13:30 - Visit Wexford
14:00 - Porticcio
14:30 - The Listener
15:00 - Siegemaster
15:30 - Scavenger

14:40 - Sir Gerry
15:15 - Charm School
15:45 - One Way Or The Other


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Back On...

Well maybe...

I know i said i was shelving my selections for the mean time, but now i've got nothing to do in the evening!

So i'm going to carry them on, but it's going to be abit different, during my days off I've slimlined my selection process, making it quicker for me and more consistent hopefully (it is on back data).

For the first few weeks it will be a bit experimental while i try to work out my own ratings for each horse etc..

I'll still post them on here though.

As for stakes i'll be using 1pt and for lays with a cut-off price of 10.0 on betfair.
If i can't get it matched at 10 before the of i will stick it in-play at 10.0.
Prices will be taken 2 minutes before the off for recording purposes.


Day 1

Day 1.

System 1
Starting off with a £60 bank, using 50p stakes.
Current Bank stands at £58.78

A Loss of 2.4 points.

Though based on my research and back data i should suffer small losses on 1-2 days in every 10.
So in theory i should now hit 8/9 winnings days in a row, but we'll see!


I'm Back!

Like the title says i'm back all up and working again.

Though for now i'm putting my selections on the shelf for the meantime and am starting one of my systems i researched today.

I'll post my first day results later on.


Friday, 30 October 2009

New things.

Seeing as i'm incapicitated atm, i've used the time to analyse some of my collected data so far and believe i have come up with 2 very profitable systems.

I won't be putting up my selections from these but i will post my daily results.
The reason i'm not posting my selections is because atm it's based on back data and i'll be paper trading it for a few weeks.

I'll start posting the results once i'm back online properly.


Bet Angel Professional

Thursday, 29 October 2009



Well i thought reformatting would solve half the problems, yet it hasn't i can't find half my software and my ram has died.

Now on my brothers laptop, which is crap!

I've ordered new ram, should be here by next week, fingers crossed, then i'll pick up where i left off.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tell me about yourself...

Hey everybody.

Seeing as i'm out of action for a few days i thought i'd do something a bit different.

I want you to comment on this post telling me about yourself as a trader/punter/arber etc..

What sports do you cover, what interests do you have, how have you faired with making consistant profits.. or not making any profit..

I just want to haer about fellow peoples experiences over time..


27th/28th Picks

There will be no picks for the next two days.

I've had to reformat my computer and will probably take that long to get everything i need back on here.

Be back on thursday though.


Monday, 26 October 2009

26th Picks

They will be no picks today as i'm out from 8am and won't be able to double check them.

Best to miss a day than risk losing money.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

25th Write Up

Not a bad day today.

14 Losers from 18 races.

Another 5.6 points up.



3:00 - Templar

Kelcrea Asla - NR


25th Picks

Only a handful today.

1:20 - Reggae Rock
1:55 - Tellele
2:30 - Mosstown
3:30 - Conclave
4:35 - Ad Idem

1:25 - Palypso De Creek
2:00 - Flemish Invader
2:35 - Asturienne
3:45 - Intense Suspense
4:20 - Amwell Brave

1:50 - Ballygulleen
2:25 - Akram
3:00 - Kilcrea Asla

2:15 - Durrob
3:20 - Angel's Share

2:45 - Irish Raptor
3:20 - Leslingtaylor
4:30 - Cut The Lugreilly

Write up later


Saturday, 24 October 2009

24th Write Up

Another good day, helping putting the bad ones behind us.

24 Losers from 30 races, giving us 11.4 points profit.


24th Kempton

4 Picks to Lay.

5:40 - Absa Lutte
8:10 - Hajourm
8:40 - Dance and Dance
9:10 - Hellbender

Write up later.


Another Change

5:00 - Double The Trouble

Huguenot is a NR


24th Picks added.

A few more picks that i said i'd add.
I haven't looked at the Kempton card yet, if there is any to add i'll put them up before the first race.

4:00 - Isn't That Lucky

4:05 - Lochiel
5:15 - Beau Fighter

4:10 - Kiltimoney

4:55 - Rainbow Peak
5:25 - Boundless Prospect

4:25 - Points of View
5:00 - Huguenot

4:50 - Give It Time
5:20 - Lonesome Dove


Quick Change.

just a quick change due to NR.

3:35 - Jim Bobs Girl.


24th Update.

Had a quick double check.

Other than a few irrelevant NR in a couple of races everything is fine.

Rest of Picks up by 4 still.


24th Picks

Quite a few today, so i'll be rolling them out in 2 lots.

I'm posting these ones now but i will make double check them in the morning and re-post any changes..

1:05 - Thumbs Up
1:40 - Best Actor
2:15 - Don't Push It
2:50 - Bob N You

1:15 - Swiss Cross
2:20 - Cheveton

1:30 - Sir Pitt
2:05 - Iver Bridge Lad
2:35 - Tastahil
3:10 - Crystal Moments
3:45 - Snow Fairy

2:00 - Huckle Buck Shoe
2:30 - Falcon Island
3:05 - Elyaadi

3:15 - Spanish Conquest

3:35 - Now Listen To Me

I'll post any changes before the start of Aintree later.
and i'll post the rest of the picks before 4pm.

It's gonna be a busy day!


Friday, 23 October 2009

23rd Write Up

Back to winning ways..

18 losers from 21 races..

Giving us an 8.1 point profit.

Tomorrows picks up in the morning.


23rd Evening Picks

The Evening picks.

6:30 - Reggae Dancer
7:00 - Luisant
8:00 - Sally Bawn
8:30 - Gluteus Maximus
9:00 - Miss Cueta
9:25 - Sinntaran

7:40 - Chantilly Jewel
8:10 - Venutius

Write up after the races.


23rd Picks

Just a few for today.

2:00 - Royaltea
2:35 - Sprosser

2:10 - Newbury Street
2:45 - Ishiadancer
3:20 - Ask Dan
3:55 - Emirates Champion
4:30 - Bere Davis
6:00 - Mazzola
5:30 - Yorkshire Blue

2:55 - Saboteur
3:30 - Russian Spirit
4:05 - Puy D'arnac
5:10 - Speedy Guru

Evening picks up later.


22nd write up

Well i seem to be getting worse.

Managed 17 losers from 28 races, which worked out at a 16.2 point loss.

Still leave us quite healthy for the month, though its still not nice having 3 losing days from 4.

I've reverted back to my original process selection for tomorrow's picks.

They will be up tomorrow morning.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

The last 3 days.

Hey there,

After looking at my picks and how i was getting to them decisions, i realised that the way i had changed how i came to these decisions may have been the problem, i changed my way thinking that i was looking more indepth into each horse, where as infact i could have been looking at data that was months or years out of date, and i'd be none the wiser.

It wasn't until earlier that i looked back through the results of the last 3 days compared to the 5 days previous to that and how i came to find each pick that i realised.

Earlier i said it may be down to it being more hurdles/chases instead of flat races, which could still be a factor, only time will tell.

But from tomorrow i'll be going back to my original selection process and I'll go from there, i'll continue to evaluate my results each evening and try fine tune the selection process even more.

So that i can produce more losers, even if it means less selections.


22nd Evening Picks

Only a few.

5:50 - Cyan Eyed
6:50 - Royal Intruder
7:20 - Al Qeddaaf
7:50 - Kings Salute
8:20 - Bow To No One
8:50 - Zero Money
9:20 - Sham Sheer

Since the jumping season has started i've been having negative days, not sure if its just time for a bad run or i need to go about the hurdles/chases picks a bit different than before.


22nd October Day Picks

Today i've got 24 picks for us.

I'll look through the evening meet at Kempton later and post them up before 4pm.

From now on i'll seperate them into course instead of just one long list.


2:00 - Essexbridge
2:30 - Whistle Blower
3:05 - Elusive Hawk
3:35 - Tertiary
4:05 - Hector Spectre
4:40 - Bosamcliff
5:10 - Just Jimmy
5:40 - Location


2:40 - Songe
3:15 - Whiskey Magic
3:45 - Bleu Pois
4:15 - Blacks Bridge
5:20 - Knockaveen


2:20 - Blazing Buck
3:25 - Singhalongtasveer
3:55 - Classic Fly
4:30 - Backfromthecongo


2:15 - Bob Lingo
2:45 - Coolcashin
3:20 - Prospectorous
3:50 - Cross Appeal
4:25 - Killowenabbey
4:55 - Oscar Dan Dan
5:25 - Glendine Lady


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21st October Write Up.

Well where to start!

Firstly i did my picks last night, and never managed to get on to check the NR etc today, didn't get on the internet until just before 5pm.

Not that its an excuse, Nobody can say they have a system that will make profit everyday, if they do then there full of shit, even the best systems have losing days, it's how you deal with them that seperates those making profit and those who are not.

Like i've said before i'm still tweaking this, tonight i'm going to re-evaluate how i get to my selections and see if there is a way to be more sure about each horse.

Anyways as for todays results:
We had 3 Non-Runners.
Then 13 losers from 21 races.

Only taking a dip of 6.4 points, which still leaves us in great health so far this month.

For tomorrows picks i don't know if i'll put them up tonight or go back to putting them up on the day a few hours before the races start.

We're see how my tweaking goes, either way there is 5 meets tomorrow so hopefully can put this losing day down to bad luck/judgement and move on with another profitable day.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

21st October Picks

25 Picks for us tomorrow, 19 during the day spread across 4 meets and 6 in the evening at Kempton.

During the day:
1:50 Worcester - Romance Dance
2:05 Navan - Gandolfini
2:20 Worcester - Orbital Orchard
2:30 Bath - Yourm Jamil
2:50 Worcester - Devils River
3:05 Navan - Style Queen
3:20 Worcester - Triggerman
3:35 Navan - Sindiyma
3:40 Southwell - Ingleby Arch
4:00 Bath - Finney Hill
4:05 Navan - Our Nana Rose
4:20 Worcester - Crouch End Flyer
4:30 Bath - Khayar
4:35 Navan - La Mere Germaine
4:50 Worcester - Bauhaus
5:00 Bath - Denton
5:05 Navan - Blue Ridge Lane
5:30 Bath - Support Fund
5:35 Navan - Ransomed Bride

In the evening:
5:50 Kempton - Blue Neptune
6:20 Kempton - Chantilly Jewel
6:50 Kempton - Satwa Gold
7:20 Kempton - Count Of Tuscany
8:20 Kempton - Tartan Trip
8:50 Kempton - Eustace Square

Hopefully we can push on from yesterday and have another profitable day!


20 October Write Up

Good day to make up for our poor one yesterday.

13 Losers from 15 races..

Putting us up 7.7 points

The 2 horses that won were:
2:00 Lingfield - Cat Hunter, which won by a length an half.
4:00 Lingfield - Perfect Act, which won by only half a length.

Tomorrows picks up later tonight.


Quick Change.

Just a heads up.

4:50 Yarmouth - King of Defence is now a non-runner so pick is now Bob Stock


Monday, 19 October 2009

20th October Picks.


15 Picks for tomorrow.

2:00 Lingfield - Cat Hunter
2:10 Exeter - Oamaru Stone
2:20 Yarmouth - Arte Viva
2:30 Lingfield - Baby Dottie
3:30 Lingfield - Boho Chic
3:40 Exeter - Alaghiraar
3:50 Yarmouth - Chain of Office
4:00 Lingfield - Perfect Act
4:20 Yarmouth - Wovoka
4:30 Lingfield - Poppanan
4:40 Exeter - I'm a Legend
4:50 Yarmouth - King of Defense
5:00 Lingfield - D'artagnans Dream
5:20 Yarmouth - Eliza Doolittle
5:30 Lingfield - My Les

Write up after the races..


19th October Write Up.

Well what can we say...

Ended last week on a high of 30 points profit.

Started this week with a 1.5 deficit..

9 Losers from 13 Races, first day to take a hit in points.

Hopefully its not too major and can hit another 30 point week.

Picks for tomorrow up later.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

19th October Picks.


With only 3 meets today, oppotunities were always goign to be scarce, but i managed to find 13 for us.

2:00 Windsor - Hot Pursuit
2:10 Pontefract - Mighty Clarets
2:20 Plumpton - Gunslinger
2:30 Windsor - Kingswinford
3:00 Windsor - Bonheurs Art
3:10 Pontefract - Hotham
3:30 Windsor - Masked Dance
3:50 Plumpton - Zabeel Palace
4:00 Windsor - Ordoney
4:30 Windsor - Morocchius
4:40 Pontefract - Addwaitya
5:00 Windsor - Cadeaux Fax
5:40 Pontefract - Gilt Edged Girl

Thats it for tomorrow people.


18th October Write Up

Well today went very well..

17 losers from 18 races...
Shame i couldn't get them all matched at 3, if i had put them at 3.5 i would have caught a about 12 of the races..

As it was i managed to get 6 matched..

With the only winner being:
5:00 Southwell Ingleby Arch who won by nearly 2L

Picks for tomorrow up later tonight.


18th October Picks

With 5 meets would have thought could have pulled a few out..
I managed to find 18 which i believe throw up enough oppotunity.

These are:
2:00 Fontwell - Little Firecracker
2:40 Southwell - Hindu Kush
2:55 Naas - Dance Hall Girl
3:15 Southwell - Penitent
3:20 Cork - Teach Nua
3:30 Naas - Mujaazef
3:35 Fontwell - Tot Of The Knar
3:50 Cork - Munnings
4:10 Fontwell - The Chipchop Man
4:20 Cork - Keelaghan
4:25 Southwell - High Ambition
4:35 Naas - Armaramak
4:35 Kempton - Noble Request
4:45 Fontwell - Good Old Days
4:55 Cork - Happy Reunion
5:00 Southwell - Ingleby Arch
5:35 Naas - Aristocrat
5:50 Cork - One Of A Kind

Thats it for today seeing as there is no evening meets.
I'll post a write-up after the last race sometime.


16th October Write Up.

Sorry its a bit late, stayed over gf's never got time to type it up.

Results were 24 losers from 26 races if you managed to lay them all.

Giving us a total of 17 points profit.

Wasn't any picks for Saturday for same reason this being late, Sundays should be as normal before 11am.


Friday, 16 October 2009

16th Evening Race Picks

For tonight i've picked another 13 races which i believe can come out on top for us.

5:45 Wolverhampton - Boho Chic

5:50 Cheltenham - The Jigsaw Man

6:15 Wolverhampton - One Good emperor

6:30 Dundalk - Sampers

6:45 Wolverhampton - Ruthie Babe

7:00 Dundalk - Alakhan

7:30 Dundalk - Brushed Aside

7:45 Wolverhampton - Kilt Rock

8:00 Dundalk - Lingapour

8:15 Wolverhampton - Farleigh House

8:45 Wolverhampton - Headfirst

9:15 Wolverhampton - Oddsmaker

9:25 Dundalk - Sinntaran

And from the 10 races that have finished so far this afternoon we've had 8/8 losers making us money, the 2 other races we had losers, just couldn't lay at price we wanted.


16th October Day Picks


I found 13 races that i believe throw up more then enough oppotunity..
All bets are LAY bets, lay at no more than 3.5/4
If you can't get them odds before the off, try straight after the off.

Picks are as follows:
1:40 Redcar - Gala Sunday
2:00 Newmarket - William Van Gogh
2:10 Redcar - Thunderstruck
2:20 Cheltenham - Mcmurdo Sound
2:45 Redcar - Precious Coral
3:10 Newmarket - Rio De La Plata
3:20 Redcar - Lenchanteresse
3:30 Cheltenham - Iroquois Warrior
3:45 Newmarket - Leocorno
3:55 Redcar - Arctic Cosmos
4:05 Cheltenham - Maljimar
4:20 Newmarket - Bounty Box
5:05 Redcar - Primaeval

I will any from tonights meets before 3:00pm


Thursday, 15 October 2009

15th October Write Up.

We had a pretty good day today.

Out of 8 raced picked for the morning, we had 6 losers making us money.
The other 2 being:
Rezwaan in the 2:40 at Nottingham who won by 1/2L.
Charger in the 4:00 at Brighton who found that little bit extra to come from behind in the final furlong.

In the evening it was a clean sweep with all 6 horses losing.

A few of the races needed to be laid after the off, as there were bouncing around the 5 mark beforehand on betfair.

So we end the day with 12 losers from 14, giving us an 85.71% hitrate and putting us up 6.4 points on the day.

Tomorrows Picks before 12 again.


Tonights Races

Sorry a bit late i fell asleep!

For tonights Meet I've picked 6 races.

6:00 Wolverhampton - Anne Of Kiev
7:00 Wolverhampton - Penaag Princess <-- Not completely 100% Lay at own risk.
7:30 Wolverhampton - Latin Tinge
8:00 Wolverhampton - Graymalkin
8:30 Wolverhampton - Flodden Field
9:00 Wolverhampton - Kazbow

From this morning races We have 4 losers making us money, only Rezwaan went on to win his race and only just by 1/2L


Todays Races


I found 8 races that i believe throw up more then enough oppotunity..
All bets are LAY bets, lay at no more than 3.5/4, If you can't get them odds before the off, try straight after the off.
Picks are as follows:

2:20 Ludlow - Ci Vediamo
2:30 Brighton - Dr Finley
2:40 Nottingham - Rezwaan
2:50 Ludlow - Feeling
3:20 Ludlow - Foxesbrow
3:30 Brighton - Regal Blush
4:00 Brighton - Charger
4:30 Brighton - Blue Noodles

I will any from tonights meets before 3:00pm


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My picks

Hey there,

Most mornings i will try get my picks out as early as possible to lock in the best prices..
If you can't get the price before the off, try and get it just after the off.

I'd say paper trade my picks for a bit, i don't want anybody losing money, we all need to help each other..

Once I've proven to myself and others that i can keep up the 76% average hit rate i've had for the last month, then by all means lay away..


Why i am here!?

Well where to start, over the last 2 years i have dabbled in betting & trading, though never managed to get past £500 profit, I've always spent it before hand!

Now i thought i would set this up to mark down my thoughts and feedback of my way of laying.

Most days i will stick my lay selections on here for others to paper chase, lay themselves, however they please and i'll go from there..