Thursday, 19 November 2009


Both systems have been profitable for me over the last month, the minute i stick them online they go tits up!

Makes me wonder if i should stick System 3 up at all!

In the end System 1 made a deficit of -7.1 points, while system 2 made a deficit of -5.3 points.

Though on a plus side System 3 made a 2 point profit, bringing it upto 18 points over 2 days.
I was in the middle of back dating System 3 to try get a rough idea, but so far i've only done 2 days, the 2 days i have done made 27.7 point profit.

I'll do a few more days in a bit and update it later.

Edit: I'd forgot to move one of my selectors on excel so System 3 shows a 32.2 point profit from them 2 back days i've done so far.


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