Friday, 27 November 2009

Back To Winning Ways

A nice day for the few selections on my blog, all those that i managed to match went and lost for us.

As for Rule Set 2, it was a bit mixed and ended with a 1.4 point loss.

Overall a healthy 2.6 point profit.

Though on a different subject i've been trying a new greyhound system since i've been researching them more and more these days alongside the horses, it's made steady profit the last few days, but today they romped home with a 13 point profit.

It was on 23 points profit earlier, then a couple went on to win!
I'll keep testing it and refining it as i go.



  1. Hi Jay,
    Nice to see your greyhound results.
    I have steered clear of the greyhound betting, but about 8 years ago I did own a greyhound that used to run at Nottingham races.
    We landed on our feet as we purchased him 'Prince Red Inca' as a pup and he went on to be an open racer which was great. Even won us over £300 on a live Sky race at Nottingham when predicted to come nowhere.
    A shame that injury cut his career short, but a couple of years I will cherish and the buzz was amazing !


  2. Hey Alex,
    Ahh thats cool and unfortunate at the same.
    I did look at the greyhounds a few weeks ago, but it was a bit up/down so i left it, though i keep being drawn back, though have been doing more research on the matter.

    I'll keep testing it for a few weeks, analysing as i go along.

    Good to see you've made back your loss from the other night aswel! Keep it up.