Monday, 16 November 2009

16th Wolverhampton

Only a few for today, and yes there is two horses for the first race and no its not a mistake.

15:30 Traphalgar & Order Order
16:00 Orpenindeed
16:30 Dubai Diva
17:00 Mighty Mover
17:30 Fine Ruler

For these few don't Lay any higher than 6.0 on the exchange.

Edit - I forgot to change my odds from 10 to 6 on my software so all but two got laid above the 6.0 mark. All 6 got laid by my software below the 10 mark and all Lost, giving us 6 Points if you stuck 10.0 and 2 Points if you had 6.0.

Anyways that makes for our third 100% clean sheet if you include the other night at Dundalk.


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