Thursday, 5 November 2009

Back On...

Well maybe...

I know i said i was shelving my selections for the mean time, but now i've got nothing to do in the evening!

So i'm going to carry them on, but it's going to be abit different, during my days off I've slimlined my selection process, making it quicker for me and more consistent hopefully (it is on back data).

For the first few weeks it will be a bit experimental while i try to work out my own ratings for each horse etc..

I'll still post them on here though.

As for stakes i'll be using 1pt and for lays with a cut-off price of 10.0 on betfair.
If i can't get it matched at 10 before the of i will stick it in-play at 10.0.
Prices will be taken 2 minutes before the off for recording purposes.


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