Sunday, 27 December 2009

Festivities over for another year!

I Hope everyone got whatthey asked the big man for, and ate much and drank plenty!

But most of all had a profitable Boxing day!

So tell me your Christmas Stories people, every family has something dunny happen to some extent!!


Bet Angel

Saturday, 26 December 2009


I've set-up a quick mailing list for those of you interested in the subscription service.
All Information will go out to those on the list before it hits the blog.

Join The Newsletter


The Activation e-mail may end up in your junk box.
Do Check..


Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Hope you all have a good day,
Get everything you want
And all get very drunk!


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Current Affairs and the Future of Myself!

A small update.

I've ordered my graphics card but it won't arrive until after christmas, so this may well be my last post until I've got it installed.

Though thanks to having all this spare time, It's give me time to think about new angles, and something I've been researching over the last few days seems to do very well.

It's to a tee laying favourites with odds lower than 2.5, So far I've backdated it 2 weeks, It produced 29 losers from 29 horses.

Obviously no system has 100% Hitrate, but based on all the odds being 2.5 then the System only needs a 62% to be profitable. [Edit: Typo, was meant to be 62% not 52%]

Though seeing as most of the horses that have been selected have been lower than 2 it makes for plenty of profit.

I won't tell you how I come to these selections just that each horse has to go through 2 aggressive sets of rules before going down a a selection.


Things coming in 2010.

I will be getting my subscription service up.
Hopefully pushing the big boys to one side with some very nice profits, eclipsing their 200 points a year.

A 2nd Blog, A Football Blog.
I will cover the Premier League, looking at the Over/Under and Match Odds markets.
While giving my predictions on the Correct Score.
Eventually may add Bookings and Corner bets and other leagues.

Any Questions on anything or everything just ask.

Either comment here or drop me an email: [e-mail]

This address will change in the new year as i move my subscription service and blogs under a more general domain name.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Off The Grid.

Sorry haven't been around or will be around for a few days hopefully, my graphics card has died, just what i needed when i've got a flash animation to finish for college!

I won't be doing my selections as I'm back on my brothers old laptop.
Hopefully i can get some money together and replace my graphics card, even if its just a crap one to see me through!

Other than that i hope everybody has a profitable christmas!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

13th Selections

Only a few Selections, but only for System X and F.

Will post results up later.

I decided on closer inspection that the selection process to win wasn't as close as i thought, though if i turned it round and laid the favourite if it wasn't the highest rated then that performed exceedling well, with the highest SP being just over 5, so i'll test that so more and post the results on here from next week.

So far i'v only looked at races with 10 or less runners, anymore and it takes awhile to assess the field.


Saturday, 12 December 2009


Sorry people, no selections today.
I'll add yesterdays write-up soon.

Gonna turn my hand to trading today, and give The Geeks Toy a proper seeing to!


Friday, 11 December 2009

11th Selections

Quite a few selections today, though I was sitting here cursing stakes and maidens because half the field comes up! Though after looking back through my results and back data, most the profit comes from these races.

22 in total, 8 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
Gowran Park
15:30 Bold Banks, Knight Realm & Emily Pankhurst

13:05 Esuia, Boy The Bell, Major Maximus & Flaxen Lake

17:50 Bubbly Bellini

I'll try get a midday post in to update progress around 2/3pm


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another Magical Day

With the exception of the multiple it was a really good day..

Another 20+ day.

Rule Set 1: 0 points
Rule Set 2: 4 points up
Rule Set 3: 0.6 points up
System F: 9.8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
System X: 8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Todays BF P/L: Screenshot

I'll try get screenshots up for most systems along with P/L at the end of each day.
Today there is no System 1-3 screenshots because my bots kept shutting down.

45.1 points so far for the week.
Mon: 27.1 points
Tues: -2.9 points
Wed: -1.5 points
Thu: 22.4 points

Still on track for what i set out to achieve, a 10 point a day average.
Keep the losses to a minimum and profit to a maximum and we'll all good!


10th Kempton

Cutting it fine for the first race i know!
I'll update them as i go.

Rule Set 1
16:00 Light The Way & Weimerland

Also been testing a new multiple system i'm working on.
Here is the first bet.
A 5 horse Canadian.
16:00 Wanchai Whisper
16:30 Marmooq
17:00 Sy Ignatius
18:00 Ray Of Joy
18:30 Cheery Cat


10th Selections

22 In Total.
Though only 2 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1:
12:50 Rader OfThe East
13:20 Russian Song

Lay between 3.0 and 7.0 within the last 10 mins pre-race.

I'll have Kempton up later.


Yesterdays Results

Well after not catching any of the meets except for Kempton i was a bit rattled with my server.

Rule Set 1: 2.5 points down
Rule Set 2: 0 points
Rule Set 3: 2 points up
System F: 3 points down
System X: 2 points up

I'll have todays selectios up ASAP with a lil extra.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Damn Updates!

Due to a server update i didnt get any betson the market today, the server rebooted automatcially after an update at 3am this morning.

So just a few Kempton races for me tonight and maybe some football.

Rule Set 1:
18:50 Ipswich Lad, Red Courtier & Cast Of Stars
19:50 Fivefold
20:20 Zegna, Major Lawrence & Mjjaadd

Again Lay between 3.0 ad 7.0 within the last 10 mins pre-race.

If anybody was followig the earlier selection could you let me know how they did thanks


9th Selections

There so many selections that i can nearly count them on my fingers! (Though i haven't looked at Kempton yet)
11 in total.
9 come under Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
12:20 City Of Doral, Qbuster, Doc Wells & Scottish Munros

13:00 Zubova & Inside Track
15:00 Look Office, Pyrus Time & Mayta Capac

All selections laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between ods 3.0 and 7.0.

Kempton Selections up later if there is any.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We've had the highs...

And hopefully this is our only low for the week with -2.9 points.

Though i didn't run System F because i need to be watching the races for it, unfortunately i had more pressing work to get done.

Rule Set 1: 3.5 points up
Rule Set 2: 2 points up
Rule Set 3: 4 points up
System F: 0 points
System X: 12.4 points down

Tomorrows Selections up later.


With the horses finished i'll move onto my selected football matches.
Chelsea vs APOEL
Leeds vs Kettering

Try and recoup them lost points.


8th Selections

With quite a few selections less than yesterday, I'm not sure we'll quite see the heights of yesterday..

There is only 20 overall selections for today.
13 for Rule set 1

Rule Set 1
12:40 Anak & Stormy Morning
13:10 Petito
13:40 Reste Beau
15:10 Montanta Gold & Quartz Du Monceau

12:50 Rebeccas Choice
13:50 Tank Top & Grasscutter
14:20 Hectors House & Blushing Soul
15:20 Waldo Winchester

12:00 Orchid Wing & Caramelita

All laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 and 7.0

Monday, 7 December 2009

A Magical Day!

27.1 points profit!!

After last weeks 65.8 points profit.

I was not expecting this!


Todays Results
Rule Set 1: 2.4 points up - screenshot
Rule Set 2: 5 points up - screenshot
Rule Set 3: 10 points up - screenshot
System F: 5 points up - screenshot
System X: 4.7 points up - screenshot

I'll post the screenshots from my bots up soon for proof.
Though recently took a load of money out my account, so most the bets are 20p stakes!


Midday Update.

Left it on auto and went out this morning, came back to a nice 9 points profit and its only half 2!

Rule Set 1: 1 point up
Rule Set 2: 0 points
Rule Set 3: 0 points
System F: 4 points up
System X: 4 points up

Update with full results later tonight.


7th Selections

Overall 25 Selections today.

8 for your people.

Rule Set 1
15:00 Ask The Oracle & December

12:50 Sierra Peak
13:50 Sunarri
14:50 Sea Venture & Viel Gluck

14:40 Arashi
15:10 Inside track

Lay with the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 and 7.0.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

End Of Week Results.

Thought I would start adding in a weekly update every Sunday night to see how each system had done.

Totalled up to a nice 65.8 points profit.

Rule Set 1: 1.5 points
Rule Set 2: 19.3 points
Rule Set 3: 19.5 points <-- Only 3 days
System F: 25.5 points <-- Only 6 days

Ontop of them a friend of mine has been running my System X selections for me and has come up with 38 points profit over the last 4 days.

I've now set them up so I can test them myself.


Like I said awhile ago, I eventually want to start my own servive, but thats gonna be put on hold until after christmas now.

I haven't done any web design for awhile, and I refuse to pay for a site when I know I can make them.


I've also been looking into football alot more these days, I've been a football fan for as long as I can remember, and would like to think i have quite an extensive knowledge.

So over the next month or two you may see another blog pop up with football selections on.

Selections for tomorrow be up later tonight.


How we did today.

Well it was an ok day i guess..

Rule Set 1: Down 6.5 points
Rule Set 2: Up 3 points
Rule Set 3: Up 8 points
System F: Up 3.5 points

Rule Set 3 has done extremely well, only having one losing bet other the 3 days i've been testing it. in the process doubling the starting bank using 5% stakes.

Though some of the odds are quite highish (9.0 on the exchange), so it could come crashing down, but based on back data even with these hits it doesn't make too much difference.

So i'll keep testing it and see how it goes, just have to wait for the big odds winner!


6th December

Only 8 Selections over 3 races.

Another 12 Selections for Rule Set 2.

Rule Set 1
14:00 Baby dottie, Pan American & Hill Of Miller

13:35 Wait for Green & Colbert Station
15:35 Lonesome Dave, Lean Times & Our Girl Salley

Lay within the last 10 mins pre-race, between 3.0 and 7.0.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Great Day

The End is upon us now.

After alot of races yet very few selections we ended up like so.
Rule Set 1: Up 1 point
Rule Set 2: Up 3 points
Rule Set 3: Up 3.5 points
System F: Up 9.5 points

I'll have tomorrows selections up later on.


5th December

Really not alot going for today for Rule Set 1

Rule Set 1
15:40 Full Of Joy, M'Lord Bishop & Frontier Spirit

18:20 James Barrymore, High Constable, Fusaichi Flyer, Barreq & Saharia

Lay within the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0.


We're either gonna take a small loss or make a decent profit today!

Other than that there was 15 other selections for Rule Set 2.
Rule Set 3 is down 2 points.
System F is up 8 points.


Yesterdays Results.

Running abit late this morning!

Results from yesterday.
Rule Set 1: Up 1 point
Rule Set 2: Up 4 points
Rule Set 3: Up 8 points <--- first day of testing.
System F: Down 3 points
System X: No Selections, still not quite getting the same ratings automated as when i manually do them.

I'll have todays selectinos up ASAP, might keep updating them as i go as there is a lot of races today.


Friday, 4 December 2009

4th December

A fair few overall, but only 6 for Rule Set 1.

Rule Set 1
13:50 Slip Sliding Away

12:50 Spunk
15:40 Arctic Cape

19:20 Lady Of Akita, Silken Aunt & Kai Mook

Lay within last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0

Along side other things I've been looking through all my data I have on System 3, and I've added a 3rd Rule Set to it which I'll be testing over the next few weeks.


Thursday, 3 December 2009

3rd Wolverhampton

Just a couple more for Wolves.

Rule Set 1
17:15 Brinscall, Wellmarked & Court Drinking
18:15 Capeability

Again within the 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 - 7.0.

Had a good day leading upto this point!
Rule Set 1: Up 5 points
Rule Set 2:Up 3 points

I missed the early races, couldn't quite get my bot on in time to catch the 12.55 @ Market Rasen where all 3 selections lost, which would have give us another 3 points profit.

Overall Results
Rule Set 1: Up 7 points
Rule Set 2 Up 4 points
System F: Up 3 points


3rd Selections

Sorry its a bit late, thought i'd published it last night, but hit the wrong button!

Rule Set 1
15:05 Prof De L'isle & Cloud Nine

Market Rasan
12:55 Al Qeddaaf, Gwyre & Space Telescope
14:55 Tide Slider
15:25 Wingull & Heezagrey

13:15 Woodlark Island, Rougham & History Lesson

Lay within 10 mins pre-race, between 3.0 - 7.0


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Original System

The One i started this blog with, produced a handsome amount of profit over the first week before i stopped doing it because it was too time consuming.

Since then I've been working with a friend to automate the selection process, i think we're nearly there.

Once we've got it fully automated to my selection process I'll start posting them selections back on here.


Mixed Feelings

Well i left my bots running and dashed out with the missus.

Overall Results.
Rule Set 1: down 3.7 Points
Rule Set 2: Up 3 Points

Dogs: Up 3 Points

System F: Up 9 Points


A Quick Update

Before i head out with the missus!

Rule Set 1 is currently down 2 points
Rule Set 2 is currently up 2 points

The Dogs up 3 points

And System F (As I've named it for now) up 7 points, would have been up 13 if it wasn't for one coming back to win!


2nd Selections

With Plumpton Abandoned due to 10mm rain last night it left us with 3 meets to flirt with.

Rule Set 1
13:55 Mister Marker

19:20 Light Sleeper, Lord Fidelio & Lord Of The Dance
20:20 Rajamand

Lay between 10 mins pre-race, within 3.0 - 7.0 odds


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Decent Day

Quite a good day,

Rule Set 1 made us 2 points profit, with Rule Set 2 bringing in another 5 points profit.

The Dogsare sitting on a 2 point loss atm, down from an 8 point profit this morning, but plenty of races to go still.

And i finally managed to get an old system i'd created to work with my automated software, and that produced 3.5 points.

I've been looking into the pace of horses, and will eventually try add that into my selections after doing more research.

And can't forget that it's only 3 & half weeks til christmas, it's gone so quickly this year!


1st Selections

With only 3 meets today i wasn't expecting too many to meet the criteria.
Though there was 8 for us to play with.

Rule Set 1
12:40 Russellstown Boy & Grasscutter

13:30 Edward Whymper, If I Were A Boy & New Christmas

14:40 Cesium, She Is A Cracker & Galley Slave

Lay during the last 10 mins pre-race between 3.0 - 7.0