Sunday, 20 December 2009

Current Affairs and the Future of Myself!

A small update.

I've ordered my graphics card but it won't arrive until after christmas, so this may well be my last post until I've got it installed.

Though thanks to having all this spare time, It's give me time to think about new angles, and something I've been researching over the last few days seems to do very well.

It's to a tee laying favourites with odds lower than 2.5, So far I've backdated it 2 weeks, It produced 29 losers from 29 horses.

Obviously no system has 100% Hitrate, but based on all the odds being 2.5 then the System only needs a 62% to be profitable. [Edit: Typo, was meant to be 62% not 52%]

Though seeing as most of the horses that have been selected have been lower than 2 it makes for plenty of profit.

I won't tell you how I come to these selections just that each horse has to go through 2 aggressive sets of rules before going down a a selection.


Things coming in 2010.

I will be getting my subscription service up.
Hopefully pushing the big boys to one side with some very nice profits, eclipsing their 200 points a year.

A 2nd Blog, A Football Blog.
I will cover the Premier League, looking at the Over/Under and Match Odds markets.
While giving my predictions on the Correct Score.
Eventually may add Bookings and Corner bets and other leagues.

Any Questions on anything or everything just ask.

Either comment here or drop me an email: [e-mail]

This address will change in the new year as i move my subscription service and blogs under a more general domain name.


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