Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Dogs!

Firstly Clonmel Vanished on all of us, dissapeared off both betfair and the racingpost website!

Ttoday Started off well with the first 6 horses losing!

But it Wasn't to last, hit 2 winning horses in a row, but wasn't enough to change us from black to red, before Bel Cantor came in BIG at Southwell which plunged us into the red.
Left us with -4.34 points from the Lay bets.

Still to get off the floor with the back bets, dropping another point in the process.

With the Dogs i hit a high point of 8.5 points profit, then the last race of the night at Hove, Killeacle Lass won and dropped me down to a 1 point profit.
Not gonna complain though a profit is better than a loss no matter how big.

A few more horse bets put myself in profit.

Hopefully can erase the memory of todays horses and push on with a profit tomorrow.
And hope the dogs push on further.


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