Tuesday, 17 November 2009

2 Systems

Hey People.

From tomorrow i'll be sticking up my selections from 2 of my systems. (Well if there is any selections!)
System 1 will be the selections i have already been posting.
And System 2 which is just another i have been using.

System 1 has made around 20 points over ther last 5-7 days.
System 2 makes roughly around the same mark.

Sometimes there will be the same horse in both, some days we might have more than one horse in one race per system.

I'll write up clearing which selectinos are from which system and the usual what meet/time.

I've set a starting bank of £1000 for each system and will be using £10 level stakes, minus 5% commission on profits.

I'll be clearing my points total down the side to make way for the resuls of these two systems starting tomorrow.


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