Sunday, 6 December 2009

End Of Week Results.

Thought I would start adding in a weekly update every Sunday night to see how each system had done.

Totalled up to a nice 65.8 points profit.

Rule Set 1: 1.5 points
Rule Set 2: 19.3 points
Rule Set 3: 19.5 points <-- Only 3 days
System F: 25.5 points <-- Only 6 days

Ontop of them a friend of mine has been running my System X selections for me and has come up with 38 points profit over the last 4 days.

I've now set them up so I can test them myself.


Like I said awhile ago, I eventually want to start my own servive, but thats gonna be put on hold until after christmas now.

I haven't done any web design for awhile, and I refuse to pay for a site when I know I can make them.


I've also been looking into football alot more these days, I've been a football fan for as long as I can remember, and would like to think i have quite an extensive knowledge.

So over the next month or two you may see another blog pop up with football selections on.

Selections for tomorrow be up later tonight.



  1. Hey Jay,
    My team Nottm Forest are flying at the moment and they have a really good team now for that division. They are hard to beat and can't see them losing too many from here on in, and I am normally the most pessamistic of fans.
    Sheff Utd away on Tuesday may get you a good price, worth a look.


  2. Hey Alex,
    Yea they are playing well atm, same as my team, Leeds on the up!!

    Not sure what markets I'd look at yet for football, been looking at the correct score market recently with decent results, so I'll probably start there.