Tuesday, 8 December 2009

8th Selections

With quite a few selections less than yesterday, I'm not sure we'll quite see the heights of yesterday..

There is only 20 overall selections for today.
13 for Rule set 1

Rule Set 1
12:40 Anak & Stormy Morning
13:10 Petito
13:40 Reste Beau
15:10 Montanta Gold & Quartz Du Monceau

12:50 Rebeccas Choice
13:50 Tank Top & Grasscutter
14:20 Hectors House & Blushing Soul
15:20 Waldo Winchester

12:00 Orchid Wing & Caramelita

All laid within the last 10 mins pre-race between odds 3.0 and 7.0

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  1. Jay

    Noticed your comment on Crans blog about The Toy. Really glad you like it.

    Don't know if you particiate in our foumm, however we have a blogs section for members to stick up links to their blogs.


    Also if you are interested, if you stick a banner up on your blog to promote TT, you will get free use for life.