Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A bit of fun until the New Year!

Just a bit of fun until the New Year, only paper trading as my dollar went on Christmas!!

Laying horses in running that hit certain criteria, its only for a laugh, so don't take them as gospel!

I'll put them up in a bit.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Back in the new year!

Not posted in a few days, needed the money for christmas in the end, so i'll be back in the new year to carry on :)

Have a good one everbody!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 11

Well today has been a very busy day, only woke up 10 mins ago so traded the last race only!

Managed a nice little profit of £9.69

Folkestone 15:40 - £9.69

Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 10

Only two meets on today covering two and half hours of my Monday afternoon.
I'd like to set a target profit, but I know if I did that I wouldn't hit it for shit.
So for now I'll keep it to the same format, maybe after a month or so I'll set a monthly estimate rather than target, we'll see!

Woop thank you o2 for my internet dying 2 mins before the off!
Other than the £61 red, still managed £41.23 after commission :)

Fakenham 13:00 - £6.60

Fakenham 13:30 - £6.41

Fakenham 14:00 - £16.22

Fakenham 14:30 - £14.37

Fakenham 15:00 - £7.61

Fakenham 15:30 - -£61.51

Wolverhampton 15:45 - £7.39

Wolverhampton 16:15 - £7.39

Wolverhampton 16:45 - £7.01

Wolverhampton 17:15 - £15.40

Wolverhampton 17:45 - £15.90

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day Nine

After yesterdays up and downs we'll push on today.

Only trading a few races up until 13:30, but the first 3 I've done I'd managed an £11 profit.

Roughly £42 profit from the 8 races traded, I'll upload the screenshots in a minute if I have time, if not will be tonight when I get in.

Southwell 12:30 -  £6.52

Punchestown 12:35 - £1.73

Hereford 12:45 - £3.39
Southwell 13:00 - £10.91

Punchestown 13:05 -  £7.03

Cork 13:20 - £0.95

Southwell 13:30 - £7.12

Hereford 13:45 - £8.88

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day Eight

Well was meant to start this morning, but didn't get up until 2:20!!

Started late but still managed to get £4.72 out of the first two races, and didn't miss an enthralling gold cup!

Phew that was close, I messed up on the 14:45, some had a bet left in play giving me a red on Kie for -£26, but he dropped off the pace at the end to leave me with a £16 green, not going to complain, but a slap on the wrist for it all the same!

Ahh! Must be still half asleep, let another go in play and got burned for £13, though sorted that over the next 4 trades for a profit of £22.03 overall.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Day Seven

Just doing / trying to do a bit of scalping, was £3.30 up from my first 6 markets, blundered at the 7th and sitting £1 up now!

Swings and Round-a-bouts me thinks..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day Six

28 Markets to attend to today, first two races got off to a bit of profit.

Hexham 12:20 - plus £0.11
Lingfield 12:40 - plus £0.15

Only ended up trading them two races, then started market watching and playing around in practice mode, in practice mode I lost close to £5.50, though on reflection on the markets now I lost most my trades where the Favourite has had stable odds leading up to the 10min pre-race mark.

Trading the stable favourites gave me a loss of £8 alone!

Obviously I'll need more than one day to back up what I already thought, but its a start.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day five

Well day four didn't go as expected, as I had to dash out 5 minutes before the first race, and wasn't back until 10 mins before he last race.

Here's to today being a bit more successful!

Though I'm gonna restrict the markets I trade to test a theory I've got at the moment.

EDIT: Actually on second thoughts I might not trade today, I might just watch the pre-race markets, I've got an idea of what markets I make losing trades in, though the first race of the day I believe looks ripe for profit so I'll trade that one and we'll see!

Well I did end up trading in the end from 13:20 onwards, aamade £4.44, though no screenshots today.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Day four

Nearly doubled my £10,a hopefully i'll hit that today!

..and eventually got them screenshots up this morning, all 42 of them!
If your wondering why there is two for each race its because I have 2 copies over BetAngel running on different monitors, I find it easier that way.

A further 21 races today to attend to.. will update as I go.

Musselburgh 12:20 -
Lingfield 12:30 -
Plumpton 12:40 -
Musselburgh 12:50 -
Lingfield 13:00 -
Plumpton 13:10 -
Musselburgh 13:20 -
Lingfield 13:30 -
Plumpton 13:40 -
Musselburgh 13:50 -
Lingfield 14:00 -
Plumpton 14:10 -
Musselburgh 14:20 -
Lingfield 14:30 -
Plumpton 14:40 -
Musselburgh 14:50 -
Lingfield 15:00 -
Plumpton 15:10 -
Musselburgh 15:20 -
Lingfield 15:30 -
Plumpton 15:40 -