Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shortening Prices

I thought I'd have a look at something completely different today.
and try find some horses that I believe would cut their SP odds in half In-Running.

16:15 Cool Quest
16:45 The Flying Dustman

15:30 Ports War
          Oncle Kid

14:40 Venetius
          Woodcote Place
15:10 Mosqueras Romance
15:40 Western Pearl
          Some Sunny Day

15:20 Runshan
          Peut Etre Sivola

17:20 Cape Royal
17:50 Island Legend
          Ridley Didley
          Silver Prelude
          Dream Number
18:50 Desert Recluse
20:20 Mackintosh
20:50 Active Asset

Just a few to follow

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The new era..

I said changes were coming, and you'll start seeing them soon, starting with the overhaul of both this blog and my twitter which is @amanthatlays if anybody uses it.

Over the coming week the design of the blog will change to coincide with the new redesigned main website, twitter will also see the same graphical overhaul, leading up to the launch of the new site around the 10th November.

Currently the site is coming along fine, its mostly coding work thats needs to be done, the colour palette and design is virtually finished, time for all the back end stuff that will make it go like clockwork.

If anybody is familiar with vwar, you'll hopefully appreciate how I am modding it to record my results on the site, to be updated daily, instead of the monthly updated spreadsheet that could be downloaded. To get vwar working how I wanted it I've had to tinker with the coding and the admin side. but fingers crossed it should all go to plan!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Milan - Tottenham, what a game!

It needed a post!

I was down the gym on the treadmill watching Tottenham get demolished in the first half.
Yet Gareth Bale's hattrick was superb, though You'd think Milan would have picked him up a bit more after the first goal, seeing as they all come from virtually the same place!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

All the long nights..

All the long nights, all the spread sheets, all the race watching, the wait is nearly over, just finalising a few things and you'll see..

Yes I know I've not been around for a couple of weeks, but there is good reasons behind it which I will reveal very soon, I can't quite let the cat out of the bag just this second!

Though what I can say is I'm changing the way I run my tipster service, its been plodding along for months and months now, and its been more of a hobby, using my passion and my aquired knowledge to help others.

Though that will be changing over the next few weeks, and will be turned around more like a business, especially since going to uni fell through thanks to my tutor.

I now have the required hours in the day to put alot more into it than just hobby hours..
But don't worry I will come back to running this blog, but eventually it will be implemented into the bigger picture, along with getting my monthly subscriber newsletter back up and running and actually doing something with my twitter account, though that will need rebranding.

With my ongoing research from the 18 months I now believe I can consistantly produce profits from both backing and laying horses, and in the over/unders market for football, though football will come at a later date as I'm still collecting data and won't jump in head first to something I'm not 200% sure of.

AW racing is something that will come with more time as well, as I believe the AW is just glorified greyhound racing and it needs a different kind of horse analysis compared to anything over turf.

Also along side the changes I will actually try and write a proper blog, instead of what it has been...
no more literally just posting up times and names of horses, I'll try to actually write something engaging, and if anybody wants to bring a subject up for discussion then drop me a line and it can be discussed, argued, whatever, however...