Friday, 20 November 2009

System 3 Update

Over 8 days of back data it came up with 30 points profit without any filters added to it.
Taking a dive from the original points over a few days.

After analysing the data and seperating it, i've split it into two sets of filters, Set 1 produced 50 points over 8 days, and Set 2 producing another 19 points over the same 8 days.

Adding the 2 days of actual trading on top that brings the point total to just under 80 points from 10 days.

Along with the 4 points made so far today i make it around 82 points from 11 days.
Though i've only just split the data with different rules so i missed 6 losing horses today that didn't come under the Set 1 rules, though they would have come under the Set 2 rules making a further 6 points profit.

I'll be doing more back dating later.


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