Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another Magical Day

With the exception of the multiple it was a really good day..

Another 20+ day.

Rule Set 1: 0 points
Rule Set 2: 4 points up
Rule Set 3: 0.6 points up
System F: 9.8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
System X: 8 points up Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Todays BF P/L: Screenshot

I'll try get screenshots up for most systems along with P/L at the end of each day.
Today there is no System 1-3 screenshots because my bots kept shutting down.

45.1 points so far for the week.
Mon: 27.1 points
Tues: -2.9 points
Wed: -1.5 points
Thu: 22.4 points

Still on track for what i set out to achieve, a 10 point a day average.
Keep the losses to a minimum and profit to a maximum and we'll all good!


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