Friday, 30 October 2009

New things.

Seeing as i'm incapicitated atm, i've used the time to analyse some of my collected data so far and believe i have come up with 2 very profitable systems.

I won't be putting up my selections from these but i will post my daily results.
The reason i'm not posting my selections is because atm it's based on back data and i'll be paper trading it for a few weeks.

I'll start posting the results once i'm back online properly.


Bet Angel Professional

Thursday, 29 October 2009



Well i thought reformatting would solve half the problems, yet it hasn't i can't find half my software and my ram has died.

Now on my brothers laptop, which is crap!

I've ordered new ram, should be here by next week, fingers crossed, then i'll pick up where i left off.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tell me about yourself...

Hey everybody.

Seeing as i'm out of action for a few days i thought i'd do something a bit different.

I want you to comment on this post telling me about yourself as a trader/punter/arber etc..

What sports do you cover, what interests do you have, how have you faired with making consistant profits.. or not making any profit..

I just want to haer about fellow peoples experiences over time..


27th/28th Picks

There will be no picks for the next two days.

I've had to reformat my computer and will probably take that long to get everything i need back on here.

Be back on thursday though.


Monday, 26 October 2009

26th Picks

They will be no picks today as i'm out from 8am and won't be able to double check them.

Best to miss a day than risk losing money.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

25th Write Up

Not a bad day today.

14 Losers from 18 races.

Another 5.6 points up.



3:00 - Templar

Kelcrea Asla - NR


25th Picks

Only a handful today.

1:20 - Reggae Rock
1:55 - Tellele
2:30 - Mosstown
3:30 - Conclave
4:35 - Ad Idem

1:25 - Palypso De Creek
2:00 - Flemish Invader
2:35 - Asturienne
3:45 - Intense Suspense
4:20 - Amwell Brave

1:50 - Ballygulleen
2:25 - Akram
3:00 - Kilcrea Asla

2:15 - Durrob
3:20 - Angel's Share

2:45 - Irish Raptor
3:20 - Leslingtaylor
4:30 - Cut The Lugreilly

Write up later


Saturday, 24 October 2009

24th Write Up

Another good day, helping putting the bad ones behind us.

24 Losers from 30 races, giving us 11.4 points profit.


24th Kempton

4 Picks to Lay.

5:40 - Absa Lutte
8:10 - Hajourm
8:40 - Dance and Dance
9:10 - Hellbender

Write up later.


Another Change

5:00 - Double The Trouble

Huguenot is a NR


24th Picks added.

A few more picks that i said i'd add.
I haven't looked at the Kempton card yet, if there is any to add i'll put them up before the first race.

4:00 - Isn't That Lucky

4:05 - Lochiel
5:15 - Beau Fighter

4:10 - Kiltimoney

4:55 - Rainbow Peak
5:25 - Boundless Prospect

4:25 - Points of View
5:00 - Huguenot

4:50 - Give It Time
5:20 - Lonesome Dove


Quick Change.

just a quick change due to NR.

3:35 - Jim Bobs Girl.


24th Update.

Had a quick double check.

Other than a few irrelevant NR in a couple of races everything is fine.

Rest of Picks up by 4 still.


24th Picks

Quite a few today, so i'll be rolling them out in 2 lots.

I'm posting these ones now but i will make double check them in the morning and re-post any changes..

1:05 - Thumbs Up
1:40 - Best Actor
2:15 - Don't Push It
2:50 - Bob N You

1:15 - Swiss Cross
2:20 - Cheveton

1:30 - Sir Pitt
2:05 - Iver Bridge Lad
2:35 - Tastahil
3:10 - Crystal Moments
3:45 - Snow Fairy

2:00 - Huckle Buck Shoe
2:30 - Falcon Island
3:05 - Elyaadi

3:15 - Spanish Conquest

3:35 - Now Listen To Me

I'll post any changes before the start of Aintree later.
and i'll post the rest of the picks before 4pm.

It's gonna be a busy day!


Friday, 23 October 2009

23rd Write Up

Back to winning ways..

18 losers from 21 races..

Giving us an 8.1 point profit.

Tomorrows picks up in the morning.


23rd Evening Picks

The Evening picks.

6:30 - Reggae Dancer
7:00 - Luisant
8:00 - Sally Bawn
8:30 - Gluteus Maximus
9:00 - Miss Cueta
9:25 - Sinntaran

7:40 - Chantilly Jewel
8:10 - Venutius

Write up after the races.


23rd Picks

Just a few for today.

2:00 - Royaltea
2:35 - Sprosser

2:10 - Newbury Street
2:45 - Ishiadancer
3:20 - Ask Dan
3:55 - Emirates Champion
4:30 - Bere Davis
6:00 - Mazzola
5:30 - Yorkshire Blue

2:55 - Saboteur
3:30 - Russian Spirit
4:05 - Puy D'arnac
5:10 - Speedy Guru

Evening picks up later.


22nd write up

Well i seem to be getting worse.

Managed 17 losers from 28 races, which worked out at a 16.2 point loss.

Still leave us quite healthy for the month, though its still not nice having 3 losing days from 4.

I've reverted back to my original process selection for tomorrow's picks.

They will be up tomorrow morning.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

The last 3 days.

Hey there,

After looking at my picks and how i was getting to them decisions, i realised that the way i had changed how i came to these decisions may have been the problem, i changed my way thinking that i was looking more indepth into each horse, where as infact i could have been looking at data that was months or years out of date, and i'd be none the wiser.

It wasn't until earlier that i looked back through the results of the last 3 days compared to the 5 days previous to that and how i came to find each pick that i realised.

Earlier i said it may be down to it being more hurdles/chases instead of flat races, which could still be a factor, only time will tell.

But from tomorrow i'll be going back to my original selection process and I'll go from there, i'll continue to evaluate my results each evening and try fine tune the selection process even more.

So that i can produce more losers, even if it means less selections.


22nd Evening Picks

Only a few.

5:50 - Cyan Eyed
6:50 - Royal Intruder
7:20 - Al Qeddaaf
7:50 - Kings Salute
8:20 - Bow To No One
8:50 - Zero Money
9:20 - Sham Sheer

Since the jumping season has started i've been having negative days, not sure if its just time for a bad run or i need to go about the hurdles/chases picks a bit different than before.


22nd October Day Picks

Today i've got 24 picks for us.

I'll look through the evening meet at Kempton later and post them up before 4pm.

From now on i'll seperate them into course instead of just one long list.


2:00 - Essexbridge
2:30 - Whistle Blower
3:05 - Elusive Hawk
3:35 - Tertiary
4:05 - Hector Spectre
4:40 - Bosamcliff
5:10 - Just Jimmy
5:40 - Location


2:40 - Songe
3:15 - Whiskey Magic
3:45 - Bleu Pois
4:15 - Blacks Bridge
5:20 - Knockaveen


2:20 - Blazing Buck
3:25 - Singhalongtasveer
3:55 - Classic Fly
4:30 - Backfromthecongo


2:15 - Bob Lingo
2:45 - Coolcashin
3:20 - Prospectorous
3:50 - Cross Appeal
4:25 - Killowenabbey
4:55 - Oscar Dan Dan
5:25 - Glendine Lady


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21st October Write Up.

Well where to start!

Firstly i did my picks last night, and never managed to get on to check the NR etc today, didn't get on the internet until just before 5pm.

Not that its an excuse, Nobody can say they have a system that will make profit everyday, if they do then there full of shit, even the best systems have losing days, it's how you deal with them that seperates those making profit and those who are not.

Like i've said before i'm still tweaking this, tonight i'm going to re-evaluate how i get to my selections and see if there is a way to be more sure about each horse.

Anyways as for todays results:
We had 3 Non-Runners.
Then 13 losers from 21 races.

Only taking a dip of 6.4 points, which still leaves us in great health so far this month.

For tomorrows picks i don't know if i'll put them up tonight or go back to putting them up on the day a few hours before the races start.

We're see how my tweaking goes, either way there is 5 meets tomorrow so hopefully can put this losing day down to bad luck/judgement and move on with another profitable day.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

21st October Picks

25 Picks for us tomorrow, 19 during the day spread across 4 meets and 6 in the evening at Kempton.

During the day:
1:50 Worcester - Romance Dance
2:05 Navan - Gandolfini
2:20 Worcester - Orbital Orchard
2:30 Bath - Yourm Jamil
2:50 Worcester - Devils River
3:05 Navan - Style Queen
3:20 Worcester - Triggerman
3:35 Navan - Sindiyma
3:40 Southwell - Ingleby Arch
4:00 Bath - Finney Hill
4:05 Navan - Our Nana Rose
4:20 Worcester - Crouch End Flyer
4:30 Bath - Khayar
4:35 Navan - La Mere Germaine
4:50 Worcester - Bauhaus
5:00 Bath - Denton
5:05 Navan - Blue Ridge Lane
5:30 Bath - Support Fund
5:35 Navan - Ransomed Bride

In the evening:
5:50 Kempton - Blue Neptune
6:20 Kempton - Chantilly Jewel
6:50 Kempton - Satwa Gold
7:20 Kempton - Count Of Tuscany
8:20 Kempton - Tartan Trip
8:50 Kempton - Eustace Square

Hopefully we can push on from yesterday and have another profitable day!


20 October Write Up

Good day to make up for our poor one yesterday.

13 Losers from 15 races..

Putting us up 7.7 points

The 2 horses that won were:
2:00 Lingfield - Cat Hunter, which won by a length an half.
4:00 Lingfield - Perfect Act, which won by only half a length.

Tomorrows picks up later tonight.


Quick Change.

Just a heads up.

4:50 Yarmouth - King of Defence is now a non-runner so pick is now Bob Stock


Monday, 19 October 2009

20th October Picks.


15 Picks for tomorrow.

2:00 Lingfield - Cat Hunter
2:10 Exeter - Oamaru Stone
2:20 Yarmouth - Arte Viva
2:30 Lingfield - Baby Dottie
3:30 Lingfield - Boho Chic
3:40 Exeter - Alaghiraar
3:50 Yarmouth - Chain of Office
4:00 Lingfield - Perfect Act
4:20 Yarmouth - Wovoka
4:30 Lingfield - Poppanan
4:40 Exeter - I'm a Legend
4:50 Yarmouth - King of Defense
5:00 Lingfield - D'artagnans Dream
5:20 Yarmouth - Eliza Doolittle
5:30 Lingfield - My Les

Write up after the races..


19th October Write Up.

Well what can we say...

Ended last week on a high of 30 points profit.

Started this week with a 1.5 deficit..

9 Losers from 13 Races, first day to take a hit in points.

Hopefully its not too major and can hit another 30 point week.

Picks for tomorrow up later.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

19th October Picks.


With only 3 meets today, oppotunities were always goign to be scarce, but i managed to find 13 for us.

2:00 Windsor - Hot Pursuit
2:10 Pontefract - Mighty Clarets
2:20 Plumpton - Gunslinger
2:30 Windsor - Kingswinford
3:00 Windsor - Bonheurs Art
3:10 Pontefract - Hotham
3:30 Windsor - Masked Dance
3:50 Plumpton - Zabeel Palace
4:00 Windsor - Ordoney
4:30 Windsor - Morocchius
4:40 Pontefract - Addwaitya
5:00 Windsor - Cadeaux Fax
5:40 Pontefract - Gilt Edged Girl

Thats it for tomorrow people.


18th October Write Up

Well today went very well..

17 losers from 18 races...
Shame i couldn't get them all matched at 3, if i had put them at 3.5 i would have caught a about 12 of the races..

As it was i managed to get 6 matched..

With the only winner being:
5:00 Southwell Ingleby Arch who won by nearly 2L

Picks for tomorrow up later tonight.


18th October Picks

With 5 meets would have thought could have pulled a few out..
I managed to find 18 which i believe throw up enough oppotunity.

These are:
2:00 Fontwell - Little Firecracker
2:40 Southwell - Hindu Kush
2:55 Naas - Dance Hall Girl
3:15 Southwell - Penitent
3:20 Cork - Teach Nua
3:30 Naas - Mujaazef
3:35 Fontwell - Tot Of The Knar
3:50 Cork - Munnings
4:10 Fontwell - The Chipchop Man
4:20 Cork - Keelaghan
4:25 Southwell - High Ambition
4:35 Naas - Armaramak
4:35 Kempton - Noble Request
4:45 Fontwell - Good Old Days
4:55 Cork - Happy Reunion
5:00 Southwell - Ingleby Arch
5:35 Naas - Aristocrat
5:50 Cork - One Of A Kind

Thats it for today seeing as there is no evening meets.
I'll post a write-up after the last race sometime.


16th October Write Up.

Sorry its a bit late, stayed over gf's never got time to type it up.

Results were 24 losers from 26 races if you managed to lay them all.

Giving us a total of 17 points profit.

Wasn't any picks for Saturday for same reason this being late, Sundays should be as normal before 11am.


Friday, 16 October 2009

16th Evening Race Picks

For tonight i've picked another 13 races which i believe can come out on top for us.

5:45 Wolverhampton - Boho Chic

5:50 Cheltenham - The Jigsaw Man

6:15 Wolverhampton - One Good emperor

6:30 Dundalk - Sampers

6:45 Wolverhampton - Ruthie Babe

7:00 Dundalk - Alakhan

7:30 Dundalk - Brushed Aside

7:45 Wolverhampton - Kilt Rock

8:00 Dundalk - Lingapour

8:15 Wolverhampton - Farleigh House

8:45 Wolverhampton - Headfirst

9:15 Wolverhampton - Oddsmaker

9:25 Dundalk - Sinntaran

And from the 10 races that have finished so far this afternoon we've had 8/8 losers making us money, the 2 other races we had losers, just couldn't lay at price we wanted.


16th October Day Picks


I found 13 races that i believe throw up more then enough oppotunity..
All bets are LAY bets, lay at no more than 3.5/4
If you can't get them odds before the off, try straight after the off.

Picks are as follows:
1:40 Redcar - Gala Sunday
2:00 Newmarket - William Van Gogh
2:10 Redcar - Thunderstruck
2:20 Cheltenham - Mcmurdo Sound
2:45 Redcar - Precious Coral
3:10 Newmarket - Rio De La Plata
3:20 Redcar - Lenchanteresse
3:30 Cheltenham - Iroquois Warrior
3:45 Newmarket - Leocorno
3:55 Redcar - Arctic Cosmos
4:05 Cheltenham - Maljimar
4:20 Newmarket - Bounty Box
5:05 Redcar - Primaeval

I will any from tonights meets before 3:00pm


Thursday, 15 October 2009

15th October Write Up.

We had a pretty good day today.

Out of 8 raced picked for the morning, we had 6 losers making us money.
The other 2 being:
Rezwaan in the 2:40 at Nottingham who won by 1/2L.
Charger in the 4:00 at Brighton who found that little bit extra to come from behind in the final furlong.

In the evening it was a clean sweep with all 6 horses losing.

A few of the races needed to be laid after the off, as there were bouncing around the 5 mark beforehand on betfair.

So we end the day with 12 losers from 14, giving us an 85.71% hitrate and putting us up 6.4 points on the day.

Tomorrows Picks before 12 again.


Tonights Races

Sorry a bit late i fell asleep!

For tonights Meet I've picked 6 races.

6:00 Wolverhampton - Anne Of Kiev
7:00 Wolverhampton - Penaag Princess <-- Not completely 100% Lay at own risk.
7:30 Wolverhampton - Latin Tinge
8:00 Wolverhampton - Graymalkin
8:30 Wolverhampton - Flodden Field
9:00 Wolverhampton - Kazbow

From this morning races We have 4 losers making us money, only Rezwaan went on to win his race and only just by 1/2L


Todays Races


I found 8 races that i believe throw up more then enough oppotunity..
All bets are LAY bets, lay at no more than 3.5/4, If you can't get them odds before the off, try straight after the off.
Picks are as follows:

2:20 Ludlow - Ci Vediamo
2:30 Brighton - Dr Finley
2:40 Nottingham - Rezwaan
2:50 Ludlow - Feeling
3:20 Ludlow - Foxesbrow
3:30 Brighton - Regal Blush
4:00 Brighton - Charger
4:30 Brighton - Blue Noodles

I will any from tonights meets before 3:00pm


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My picks

Hey there,

Most mornings i will try get my picks out as early as possible to lock in the best prices..
If you can't get the price before the off, try and get it just after the off.

I'd say paper trade my picks for a bit, i don't want anybody losing money, we all need to help each other..

Once I've proven to myself and others that i can keep up the 76% average hit rate i've had for the last month, then by all means lay away..


Why i am here!?

Well where to start, over the last 2 years i have dabbled in betting & trading, though never managed to get past £500 profit, I've always spent it before hand!

Now i thought i would set this up to mark down my thoughts and feedback of my way of laying.

Most days i will stick my lay selections on here for others to paper chase, lay themselves, however they please and i'll go from there..