Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Bad Start.

I felt compelled to write a post half way through the races.
Like i said its been a bad start, such a bad start that we can't even make a profit on the day, just try limit our losses.

Looking through my previous results i believe its the first time both systems have made a loss on the day from the start in well over a month.

Hopefully the rest will lose and limit us somewhat.



  1. Jay,
    Following your blog and saw you had a good day at Woverhampton yesterday.

    Are you in a position to elaborate on how you are coming up with your lays.



  2. Hey Steve.
    Well different systems have different methods.
    But my main one, i usually take certain horses, give them initial rating, which is based around RPR, previous runs, going, class, distance etc..

    Then Lay the one with the lowest rating, based from my calculations the one that should have the least chance of winning from the certain selected horses.

    There is probably room to tweak them some more, but then again, i don't believe it's possible to make a system that wins everyday, so i'll settle for one that makes consistent profits on average.

    Hope that answered everything.