Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Off The Grid.

Sorry haven't been around or will be around for a few days hopefully, my graphics card has died, just what i needed when i've got a flash animation to finish for college!

I won't be doing my selections as I'm back on my brothers old laptop.
Hopefully i can get some money together and replace my graphics card, even if its just a crap one to see me through!

Other than that i hope everybody has a profitable christmas!



  1. Jay,
    Hope your back online soon.
    Which College you at ?

  2. Hi Jay,
    Like the ideas of your new system, I am a big fan of laying favourites and actually don't do it now as much as I should. To be honest when the bank was much smaller I had to lay favourites more as these were the only bets I could cover !
    The laying service sounds interesting for 2010, I welcome your feedback on how that goes and hope you get a good membership signing up for quality and proven results.
    Don't think I have done any business down at UCA but that is Canterbury right ? Have done quite bit of business with Univ of Kent and Canterbury Christchurch over the years.
    I hear you have some snow down there at the moment ? One of our reps got stuck down in Kent on Friday in the snow....lol
    Catch you in the New Year once Santa brings your new graphics card.



  3. Heya Alex,
    Yea got quite a few ideas for the new year, some I won't push, other I will.

    Ahh nah I'm at the Rochester Campus, but possibly heading to uni next year for graphic design.

    Kent uni is just down the road from me, I'm usually down their student bar with mates!

    Yea we had quite abit of snow, it's ben quite nice actually.

    He Better bring me new card!