Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Decent Day

Only a few at Kempton as i was busy all day.

But didn't do too sadly even with Khor Dubai winning in the 20:50 as i got him matched at 1.67.

Overall ended the night with 1 point profit for System 1, and 2.2 points profit for System 2.

Some other news - I've been working on a new system, we'll call it System 3 for now!
Though at the moment its taking longer than i would have hoped to back date it.

So i just jumped in head first as per usual and it made a comfortable 16 point profit.
10 races, 16 horses, 16 losers, All matched under 7.0 odds, with 4 of them matched under 4.0.

I can back date it its just gonna take awhile, so i'm going to do them myself while back dating it aswel, i might post the system on here along with the other 2 in a week or so if it's looking promising.


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