Sunday, 9 May 2010

JP's Blog - :-(

Hello people,

For a long time I've followed Jp's Blog with interest, as he gives a great insight into the ups & downs of making it as a punter and how tipsters/services work.

It's a shame he has hit this poor run and given up the blog for now, though me like many others, hope he comes back fighting after a "quick" reassessment of where to head next.

Like he has proved other the last year, it is possible to make a living from it, though I always believe why pay all that money otu if you have the time to do it yourself?

Maybe JP doesn't have the time and he goes on the say so of his tipsters, but if somebody has a general knowledge of racing then all the information you need is on the net, just need to know where to look.

On another note, I've always done laying, spent months trying to tweak a maths formula until I had that eureaka moment! though now I have a bit more free time and would like to try my hand at backing horses.
Like i said the info is on the net, but unlike the last few days, I'm not just gonna put up the ones I've gone for, I will actually give my findings and reasoning behind each selection.

Look at something a bit more indepth than just a name, possible look at trainer trends, jockeys stats etc.

I'm came across a horse the other day, had all the form over distance/going, but I didn't back him, and he duly came 9th.

This horse was Elkhorn, def one to back if he come up at Redcar.
Form at Redcar, over 5/6f, Good or Good-to-Firm going, Class E or lower.
Form reads: 11152263

Form at any other course doesn't come nowhere near!


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