Monday, 10 May 2010

Backing a Longshot

How hard do people find it to back the winner, let alone a longshot, odds on horses don't count!
Over the past few days I've been thinking this, how often do longshot winners come around and how do we go about spotting them, I know I managed to place one at 20-1 the other day, finished 3rd, odds to win were 150-1.

20-1 shots give you the impression they would win once in 20 races, or you would win 1 in 20, but surely there is a way to spot these horses before they drift in, before the market starts chucking money at them.

Afterall, the odds compilers are good, but they don't get everything correct.
Which lead me onto another thought, the ultimate trophy for any punter is to get banned or have your account closed at the bookies, a good old bit of bookie bashing.

Now that I've finished college I'm going to focus a lil bit more on backing, I'll start off on Betfair, but will move onto the bookies and see how long it takes to get an account closed, this may come down to quite a bit trial an error to start with, where as I've always layed horses, surely if I can find the least likely to win then I can find the least likely to lose

I'm planning to study the form for tomorrow's races and I'll place them on my blog tonight or tomorrow morning and at what odds I've backed them, and like I said in my previous post I will try give my reasoning behind each one.

And we'll see where I end up.


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