Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Hello People, I've been a bit scarce last week or 2 due to my final weeks at college!
Though I will update everything soon.

Been working on a backing system as well in my spare time, though details are still very brief and written down on scraps of paper as I try to work different bits out!

Though it has pulled up 2 selections for today which I'll keep an eye on later.

Both at Cheltenham.
17:35 Farmer Frank
18:45 William Somers

And yes the system is only going to be focused on Favourites.

EDIT: Well Seems I misjudged that one, though Barron Watlass did Place at 3.0
And a quick analyzing of the 14:35 at Kelso lead me to Barron Watlass, I myself can't see Beidh Tine Anseo winning it.

Chester 14:45. Mamlock for the Win, Tastahil for a Place

Well that one was much better, Mamlock & Tastahil photofinish!
Luckily Mamlock won @ 9.1 and Tastahil placed at 6.4.

Now I'm focusing on a couple of accumulators at Huntingdon & Cheltenham.
Will put selections in a new post.


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