Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Small Update

Well hehe is the update I promised, over the last 6 days I've been working on a system I created ages ago (and left on the shelf) and been tweaking since until I was happy I could pull a month from any year and it would produce profits.

I'm pretty sure it does that now, during the research I covered 18 months, between 2005 and 2010, no 2 months in a row. Just to make sure it wasn't something backfitted.

Over the last 18 months I've not found one losing month, with the mimimum profit being 30 points a month and the maximum being 120 points a month.

The last 6 days I've been running it myself using the GHB bot, as good as the bot is I still can't make it lay and place lay the same selection all the time due to there being no way of linking the 2 markets.

Even with this small problem the last 6 days have produced these figures:

Number of Bets: 63

Lay: £259.60
Place: £142.20
Total: £401.80

Points Profit:
Lay: 25.96
Place: 14.22
Total: 40.18

Lay: 76.19%
Place: 53.97%

Average Odds:
Lay: 3.60
Place: 1.74

Lay: 286.19
Place: 105.83

Lay: 9.07%
Place: 13.44%

Obviously back dated results don't mean  it would work long term though the research is very promising as are the 6 days results which I'll continue to follow and record.

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