Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Backing horses is where the money is..

After laying horses for well over a year along side backing horses, I've finally given up with the laying part. It may be ok for some, but the minimal ROI and the amount of selections just got tiresome, especially when the backing part has such a huge ROI in comparison. Not to mention its more fun to watch a long shot come in!

Does this mean I will start writing my blog again!? Maybe, maybe not.
Writing this blog has had its perks, allowed me to keep things in check a bit better, and met some great people along the way, but still is another time consuming thing along with dealing with subscribers, doing selections and working fulltime.

Any of you interested can follow along on my racing-index proofing link at top of my blog.
And you may see me back soon writing, though with the new site being launched soon, There will be a blog on there, so will be moving everything there eventually.

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