Saturday, 23 October 2010

The new era..

I said changes were coming, and you'll start seeing them soon, starting with the overhaul of both this blog and my twitter which is @amanthatlays if anybody uses it.

Over the coming week the design of the blog will change to coincide with the new redesigned main website, twitter will also see the same graphical overhaul, leading up to the launch of the new site around the 10th November.

Currently the site is coming along fine, its mostly coding work thats needs to be done, the colour palette and design is virtually finished, time for all the back end stuff that will make it go like clockwork.

If anybody is familiar with vwar, you'll hopefully appreciate how I am modding it to record my results on the site, to be updated daily, instead of the monthly updated spreadsheet that could be downloaded. To get vwar working how I wanted it I've had to tinker with the coding and the admin side. but fingers crossed it should all go to plan!

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