Thursday, 3 June 2010


I'll be laying Newbury Street @ 4.3 in th2 2:40 Hamilton.
While he has all the necessary form my own ratings show him 5 points behind Caprio.
Though Newbury doesnt have DSLR or Weight in favour, where as Caprio ticks all the boxes.

From the 5 horses Caprio is the only one who ticks all the boxes, and I think at 2.4 is well worth a punt.

My Ratings for the race were as followed:
Caprio - 40.39
Newbury Street - 35.08
Cawdor - 19.05
Clear Ice - 8.11
Star Addition - 0.00

Caprio - 73.28
Newbury Street - 52.81
Cawdor - 45.00
Clear Ice - 38.48
Star Addition - 25.82

*All Ratings are out of 100, and take into account, Distance, Going, Class, Track, Field Size, DSLR & Weight*

I'll be laying Souter Point @ 1.95 in the 2:30 Newton Abbot.
I've got him down at 54.11 for a place, but only 11.61 for the win, on that note I will gladly take the lay.

Here we have a horse, who has not run for nearly 7 weeks, and has never run the distance or won over a similiar distance, closest was a 2nd place over 2m 110y, coming in 5 lengths behind the winner.


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