Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 8, 9, 10 & 11 - Write Up

Day 8, 9, 10 & 11 - Write Up

Test 1 has been appalling, considering it comes as a highly regarded system by multiple sources, the 25 pts loss it incurred was over a 2 day period. Based on the fact it's a laying system with not many daily selections It's going to take awhile to get the profits back up all going well and not hitting another winner.

Test 2 is something I'm working on and is still being tweaked, so I will keep it up.


From the 3 services I run, The Under 10's has hit a stale patch, it's neither making profit not losing points atm.

The Over 10's went through a similiar stale period a few weeks back but has come out unscathed and is back on the up.

Jay's Select has been the best performer so far especially after I finished my research into my own selections.

From Laying the selections as originally intended it has produced 100.8 pts profit since Jan 6th, with an 83.31% Hitrate and a 6.15% ROI.

Now heres the interesting part, for awhile now I've been placing the same selections from the Jay's Select and that shows an amazing 154.89 pts profit since Jan 6th, with an 48.85% Hitrate and an 18.22% ROI.

Giving me a very nice 255.69 pts profit alone from my Jay's Select service.
The P/L from placing them selections isn't on the website yet as I've only just finished backdating all my previous selections.

Test 1 making -25.65 pts.
Test 2 making -5.50 pts.

Und 10 making -10.55 pts.
Ove 10 making 15.50 pts.
Jay Sel making 24.14 pts.

Accumlated: From 9th April
Test 1: -19.75 pts.
Test 2: -2.42 pts.

From 11th April - Rest of results can be found on the website.
Und 10: -5.75 pts.
Ove 10: 18.20 pts.
Jay Sel: 22.14 pts.


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