Friday, 5 February 2010

A Small Update - A New Challenge

Firstly, sorry I haven't posted the last 2 days result breakdowns, have been a tad busy!

Here is the totals for the last 2 days.
Under 10's
3rd - 4.75
4th - -3.15
Total - 1.60

Over 10's
3rd - -0.45
4th - 3.80
Total - 3.35

Jay's Select
3rd - -8.00
4th - -3.05
Total - -11.05

And the total profit since i started sending them out on the 4th January is:


As you can see my select ones have let the side down big over ther last 2 days, but hey, we don't look at the short time, it's the long term that matters!

And as from now I will no longer post a daily breakdown, all selections are now proofed via racing-index and can be found there under Lays > A Man That Lays.


But I will be starting a new challenge, I'll do it most days, except for when I'm out!

I'm going to see how far I can take £100 in 3 months.

I will be using 1% stakes and upping them every £100 made.
ie. £100 - £1 stake, £200 - £2 stake and so forth.

Meaning I'll need 100+ successful lays to reach the first milestone.

I will be using both my Under & Over 10's along with 3 new systems I've been researching and testing cloak and dagger style!

I'll be entering all my selections into the GHB and letting that do the work for me, so that I can crack on with college work.

Every day that I set the bots up, I will post my betfair P/L, both daily and overall P/L since the start.


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