Thursday, 22 October 2009

The last 3 days.

Hey there,

After looking at my picks and how i was getting to them decisions, i realised that the way i had changed how i came to these decisions may have been the problem, i changed my way thinking that i was looking more indepth into each horse, where as infact i could have been looking at data that was months or years out of date, and i'd be none the wiser.

It wasn't until earlier that i looked back through the results of the last 3 days compared to the 5 days previous to that and how i came to find each pick that i realised.

Earlier i said it may be down to it being more hurdles/chases instead of flat races, which could still be a factor, only time will tell.

But from tomorrow i'll be going back to my original selection process and I'll go from there, i'll continue to evaluate my results each evening and try fine tune the selection process even more.

So that i can produce more losers, even if it means less selections.


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