Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21st October Write Up.

Well where to start!

Firstly i did my picks last night, and never managed to get on to check the NR etc today, didn't get on the internet until just before 5pm.

Not that its an excuse, Nobody can say they have a system that will make profit everyday, if they do then there full of shit, even the best systems have losing days, it's how you deal with them that seperates those making profit and those who are not.

Like i've said before i'm still tweaking this, tonight i'm going to re-evaluate how i get to my selections and see if there is a way to be more sure about each horse.

Anyways as for todays results:
We had 3 Non-Runners.
Then 13 losers from 21 races.

Only taking a dip of 6.4 points, which still leaves us in great health so far this month.

For tomorrows picks i don't know if i'll put them up tonight or go back to putting them up on the day a few hours before the races start.

We're see how my tweaking goes, either way there is 5 meets tomorrow so hopefully can put this losing day down to bad luck/judgement and move on with another profitable day.


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